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300 The Fenway 

Boston, MA 


t WfuU our years at Simmons College have been challenging, we have 
each grown in our own unique ways. "We strive to succeed and 
brea^new ground Wegainasenseofcom^ and energy 

which will push us outintdy^tam 
struggles and triumphs. 

Since 1904, Simmons College has 6een graduating women of stat- 
ure, women who demand change, women who want to ma%e a 
difference in their world Ihrough our experiences here, we have 
tested ourselves, challenged and supported each other, questioned 
that which we thought we ((new, and explored worlds we had 
never Known existed S\s we ta%e our flight from Simmons to the 
world beyond, we must step bacS^and recognize what has made us 

3oin us now on a journey through the Simmons Microcosm, the 
world within the boundaries - both real and imagined- of our 
college experience Whenever your path taxes you beyond these 
boundaries, remember that as women of Simmons, we stand on 

Welcome 10 Our World! 

"They total 295. speak 2 1 
languages, come from 26 
slates and 9 countries and 
their most popular first 
name is Jennifer.* So en- 
tered the Class of 1997. 
documented in a Septem- 
ber Issue of The Simmons 
.\'<?u>s. This year's entering 
frcshwomen and transfer 
students. 24% of whom are 
AHANA students. and only 
half of whom are from 
Massachusetts, will shape 
and change the world we 
know as Simmons College 
through the next four 
years Their exploration ol" 
our world has just be^un 

If my life at Simmons were a song, it would be "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet." Karen Boss. "95 


Above: Dean Wright and Vice 
President Leary discuss summer 
break with returning students. 
Right: Senior Jennifer Qualey de- 
signed 1993 orientation logo. 





Clockwise from left: 
Outdoor reception on 
move-in day, August 29th. 
Orientation staff eagerly 
pitch in to move families in 
on Brookline Ave. 
Seniors enjoy the ice cream 
social as much as freshmen! 

Ice cream social makes the 
perfect icebreaker 

Orientation staff enjoys the week's events as well. 

Moonlight boat cruise in the Boston 

Holly Ruth and Jessica Rawson take part in Casino Night in Alumnae Hall. 

| he Straub family moves in first year resident Cathleen 


Above left: Trinity Church, Copley Sq 
Below: John Hancock Tower 
Below left: MFA Green Line 

"One thing I learned about Boston while at Sim- 
mons was there is always something to do in the 
city." Jennifer Huggins, '95 

Left: George Washington, Public Garden 
Below: Simmons College additional parking 
Bottom: Boston's historic Public Garden 



Communications student, Wendy Cal- 
houn, perfects her layout skills. 
Below: Director of student activities 
Jocelyn Briddell on retreat at 4-H 
Camp Leslie. 

Above right: Study groups share the work and 
build new relationships 

Below right: Students meet with Jen Dowdall in 
open forum 

SGA Leadership Retreat 1993. 

Below left: One star accomodations at 4-H Camp 


Below right: Chef Boy-R-G. 

Connie takes advan- 
tage of computer 
graphics lab 



"... his love for the sea was apparent as you 
walked into his office and saw the beautiful 
corals and shells that decorated his shelves. 
He loved to take students to the Woods Hole 
Marine Laboratory where he would share his 
love and passion for the marine environ- 
ment, " 
Randi Lite & Karen Talentino, Biology Department 

In respectful memory of his dedication to Simmons College, his love of learning, 

his intellectualism, his enthusiasm, and his personal courage, 

we dedicate this volume of The Microcosm to 

Richard Nickerson 

Professor of Biology at Simmons College from 1972 - 1993 

World Events 

Annual Events in the Simmons calendar serve a 
number of purposes. Social events bring our commu- 
nity together in joyous celebration. Educational 
events may both challenge and enlighten us to dis- 
cover who we are and what we believe in shared 
intellectual experiences with others. Spiritually, we 
provide ourselves with time to reflect on and cel- 
ebrate that which makes us what we are, and helps us 
find peace in times when our community is troubled. 
We acknowledge our physical strength as women 
through outdoor and athletic events, rallying behind 
each participant, her team, and the College itself. All 
of these events serve to enhance our educational 
experience and contribute to the world of Simmons 


The Head of The Charles Regatta 

October 24, 1 993 was not one of many beautiful days made 
for racing during this year's crew season. For spectators at 
the 29th annual Head of the Charles Regatta, it was sunny 
with a little breeze that tassled their hair. For rowers, the 
sun was blinding and the strong gale made rowing impos- 
sible during parts of the race. The head wind pushed the 
rowers back toward the start and provided a challenge to 
coxswains. It was increasingly difficult to steer through 
bridges and pass other boats. Even though it was rough 
going for the 4,000 rowers and coxsawins who partici- 
pated in this year's race, it was a perfect day for the 250,000 
crew fans and supporters on shore. 

Simmons Crew entered a varsity club eight and a youth 
four. There was some ambiguity surrounding the score of 
the varisty eight. At first it was thought they had placed 
16th out of 39, until a penalty on another boat pushed 
Simmons up into 1 5th, a goal they had set for the day. Two 
months later, at the fall sports dinner, rowers and guests 
were informed they had actually placed 13th. The youth 
four finished the Regatta 29th out of 33 boats. 

The Head of the Charles is the largest annual one-day 
regatta, attracting competitors from around the world. The 
winding 2.8 mile course is plotted with bridges, making it 
particularly difficult to avoid boat collisions. The banks of 
the Charles are filled with vendors, spectators, curiousity 
seekers, anxious rowers, and of course, lots of boats. All 
of these factors added to the excitement of the race. There 
is a certain feel in the air that provides a unique atmo- 
sphere, which no competitor can ever forget. 

' '■■' ■ , 

Spectators provide moral support 
along the shoreline 

Crew Team makes money the old-fashioned way. 

* a I 

SGA President Jill Minsky celebrates 
the big 2-1 at Camp Leslie 



What are the goals of 
leadership weekend? 

Learning leadership 
skills and bonding. 

above and below: first order of business 
- let's get some heat in this place! 



In September, 1993, the Student Activities Center. Office of Resi- 
dence Life and Student Government Association combined forces to 
sponsor a weekend-long retreat for student leaders. Workshop 
sessions focused on campus-wide concerns regarding recruitment 
and retention of organization members, publicity and public rela- 
tions for student organizations, and overall effectiveness of student 
groups. Organizations also had the opportunity to meet separately 
to set goals for the academic year. 

This retreat not brought to you b\ Coca-Cola 

Mike Genovese (Quadside), Trelane Clark (APB BSO\ Kristin Alzak (SAA), and 
Jay Hargis (Residence Life), create a new team photo 

Installation of Jean A. Dowdall 

Faculty and staff prepare for the procession at Symphony Hall 

Joan Warburg and George 
Dowdall congratulate newly 
installed President Dowdall 

Jean Dowdall was installed as the fifth presi- 
dent of Simmons College on a Saturday after- 
noon, November 6, 1993. In a weekend of 
events which included programs for both 
Inauguration and Parents' Weekends, the in- 
stallation ceremony at Symphony Hall served 
as the centerpiece of this historic weekend. 
Music was provided by the Mendelssohn 
Club of Philadelphia, the Simmons Chorale, 
and Paramount Brass. Dr. Dowdall was 
formally welcomed by representatives of 
Simmons' many smaller worlds, from the 
Corporation to the student body. After being 
invested with the Presidential Medallion by 
Chair of the Corporation Joan Melber 
Warburg. Dr. Dowdall addressed those as- 
sembled with her vision for the Simmons 


College of the future. 

Waiting for the historic ceremony to commence 


November 6, 1993 

"1 have a fundamental commitment to women, as 
so many of us in the Simmons community do. In 
the 19th Century, men like John Simmons spoke 
for women. In the late 20th Century, as women 
we speak for ourselves, and we seek to support 
the rights and opportunities of women every- 
where. We speak and work in valued partner- 
ship with women everywhere. We speak and 
work in valued partnership with many men -- 
men within the Simmons community who seem to 
me to have a particular regard for women, and 
who take a particular pride in being part of a 
community in which women are so prominent. 
But nonetheless our voices, as women, are 

"Among the most important of my values is my 
conviction that an education of quality must he 
an education that welcomes diversity. The 
canon of great books must evolve and expand, 
and our curriculum and pedagogy must be 
inclusive. The voices we hear within the 
Simmons community must reflect the multiplicity 
of voices that seek to be heard around the 
country and around the world, or else our 
message — the education we provide -- is incom- 
plete. " Jean A. Dowdall, President. 

lirvard Professor Emeritus John Kenneth Galbraith 
"plcomed Dr. Dowdall to education's highest office 

Mother/Daughter Weekend 

December 3-5, 1993 

The Class of 1994 welcomed both 
their mothers and their daughters to 
campus during the first weekend in 
December. The event, chaired by 
Courtney Larson, '94 and coordi- 
nated by a committee of ten seniors, 
included luncheon at the Copley 
Marriott and brunch at the home of 
President Jean and Dr. George 
Dowdall. Besides the traditional 
events, the committee made some 
additions to personalize the event. 
Senior Amy Anderson was selected 
as the luncheon speaker, and seniors 
compiled photos of themselves and 
their families for a moving slide 

Mother/Daughter 1993 Committee. From left rear: Sabrina Greenberg. Courtney 
Larson, Cindy Singleton, Jodi Alpert. Christine Milani. Suzanne Arrick. Ana de 
Melo. Kelly McNutt. Stephanie Kezer . April Giullet. Jamie Evangelho. 
Advisors: Robin Sitten. Michael LaLiberte 

Father/Daughter Weekend 
February 25-27, 1994 

Father/Daughter Weekend, in- 
cluding both the Senior and 
Sophomore Classes, was held 
in the middle of Boston's long- 
est and coldest winter. The 
MarkGreel Sextet entertained 
participants at the Marriott 
Long Wharf during the Satur- 
day night dinner dance. As an 
alternative, 35 couples at- 
tended a Murder Mystery cafe 
where the audience becomes 
part of the show. This year's 
schedule included a scaven- 
ger hunt, where fathers and 
daughters competed to be the 
first to find such items as a 
matchbook from Pizzeria Uno 
and receipts from Tower 
Records. What a way to see 
the citv! 


1 .. m ^ 

~V J ^^^^ 




' '^^^^r ^^B 

Sophomores, seniors and guests at the Marriott Long Wharf 

Boston Waterfront 


■ ,?• .- 

scenes from Steel Magnolias 

Spring Theatrical Production 

Steel Magnolias 

February 24-27, 1994 

Promotion Manager Britta Rodriguez with 
a stage crew assistant smiling after a great performance. 

Cast & Crew 
Polly Moneyhun. Director 
Chris Fritts, Assistant Director 
Lisa Smeester (Annelle). Producer. Set Design 
Jesslyn Hoeft (Truvy). Set Design 
Katy Comstock (Clairee), Budget Manager 
Kathylene Southark (understudy), hair dressing 
Rachel Weintraub (Shelby), Promotion Assistant 
Elizabeth Lewis (M'Lynn) 
Sarah Teuwen (Ouiser). Costumes 
Rebecca Holmes (understudy), makeup 
Sheri Sweet. Stage Manager 
Karen Peekingham. Stage Assistant 
Heather Morrison. Set Design 
Jeanie Watrd, Set Design 
Jill Portway, makeup 
Liz Labom ille. House Manager 
Nina Barufaldi, House Assistant 
Jennifer D'Ambre. House Assistant 
Jessie Girvin. House Assistant 
Liz Szilgali, House Assistant 
Ysanne Hollenbeck, House Assistant 
Britta Rodrigues. Promotion Manager 
Karen Piexe. Promotion Assistant 


World Class 

Senior Class Officers 
1993 - 1994 
President: Andrea Iszak 
Vice President: Martine Desnoyer 
Secretary: Kathy Rock 
Treasurer: Sammer Saleh 

Events Chairs 

Mother/ Daughter Weekend: Courtney Larson 
Father/ Daughter Weekend: Cindy Singleton 
Senior Week: Christine Milani 
Senior/Faculty Banquet: Paola Handal 
Commencement Ball: Martine Desnoyer 
Commencement Speaker Committee: Karen Thomas 






. i 




Zinah S. Abukhalil 

Human Services 

Nicole F. Adams 

Graphic Design/ Art 

Deanna Almeida 

Math /Economics 

Jodi L. Alpert 


Dagmar Andueza 


Amy C. Austin 


Amy B. Anderson 

International Business / Spanish 

Josephine P. Arambulo 


Bhavani Badhey 


Lynn H. Andrews 


Suzanne E. Arick 

Economics Finance 

Etty B. Baker 

Svetlana Basenkis 

Physical Therapy 

Melinda G. Blash 


Catherine H. Boehm 

History and Elementary Education 

Luanne G. Bonsey 

Communications / Advertising 

Lisa J. Boudrieau 

Physical Therapy 

Meghan T. Bradley 

Retail Management 

Holly S. Bliss 


Alexis Boryczka 

Human Services 

Yurose Breneus 


Leshia B. Brennan 


Early Childhood and Elementary 

Rachel P. Brier 


Elizabeth L. Buckley 


Kritima Bulsook 

Economics / Finance 

Elizabeth E. Busiek-Nash 


Jessica A. Byram 

Physical Therapy 

"Everyone should take a class with Professor Margery Gann," because... "Having compassion should always go along wit) 
education, and this is true for all of her teachings! " Heather H. Harrison-Catledge, '94 

Wendy Diane Calhoon 

French /Communications 

Katie C. Calhoun 


Elisabeth A. Carroll 

Art History 

Kelly A. Caswell 


Heather H. Harris on- Catledge 


Carolyn E. Chamberlain 

Physical Therapy 

'mif rWM 

^1 Wik i*Jfi3m 

; - ?* 


Pamela E. Chamorro 

Early Childhood Education/Spanish 

May W. Chan 
Graphic Design/ Advertising 

Sufan J. Chen 

X ursine 

Yan (Tina) Hong Chen 

Accounting / Management 

Yoonkyung Choi 


Linda M. Clapp 

Education /Art 

Allison A. Cobb 

Communication / Philosophy 

Kristan M. Cogan 

Physical Therapy 

Jodie R. Cohen 

Psychology /Human Services 

Janel E. Clague 

Human Services 

Amy E. Coe 


Kathryn Comstock 

Early Childhood Education 

Monica E. Davis 

Public Relations 


Helen-Chapin DeLiantis 

Education /Political Science 

Ana M. de Melo 

Education / Spanish 

Staci B. Desatnick 

Early Childhood Education/Art Histo: 

Martine Desnoyer 


Nat ali Djody 


Amy L. Dorsey 


Jacqueline M. Disario 


Maria Noel Dixon 


Kristen J. Doherty 

International Management/Spanish 

Laura Donaldson 
Elementary Education Sociology 

Maura Kristen Downes 
Prince Retail Management 

Gretchen Elizabeth Eastler 

Physical Therapy 

Laurel A. Egan 

English / Communications 

Pamela G. Elias 



K. Megan Ernsberger 

Prince Retail Management 

I never thought I would..." end up loving the city or loving an all-womens college." 

Jamie Evangello, '94 

Jennifer Erskine 

Arts Administration 

Virginia A. Frazier 


Sarah E. Gillespie 


Jamie E. Evangelho 


Lara J. Finks 


Kathryn G. Fuller 


Sahoko Fuse 


Elizabeth W. Gladding 

Communication / French 

Erin Goggins 

Elementary Education 

Tracy A. Goguen 


Laura E. Gray 

Communications /Public Relations 

Stacee L. Goldstein 


Maria Grigoriadis 


April L. Guillet 

Physical Therapy 

Paola A. Handal 


Amy Gray 


Julie M. Grossman 


Sabrina J. Greenberg 


Jeni M. Hatfield 

Prince Retail Management 

Jennifer A. Hazard 


Jessica E. Hickey 

Graphic Design 

My favorite story about something that happened in Bartol is, "Freshman year 

a friend of mine slipped and fell in Bartol and John Conti put safteu cones 
around." Maria Grigoriadis '94 

Lynn A. Higgins 

Political Science /Psychology 

Caroline L. Hill 

Physical Therapy /Management 

Trine M. Hindklev 



Renee E. Holden 


Connie Y. Hu 

Graphic Design /Art Administration 

Gretchen Dorothy Hughes 

Elementary Education/Sociology 


Sache S. Hunter 

Computer Science 

Andrea P. Izsak 

Severe Special Needs 

Jennifer M. Jackson 
Physical Therapy 

Sooeun Jang 

Economics/ Accounting 

Robin I. Jellinger 


Cherise Jones 

Human Services 

Cherian Joseph 


Abby S. Reiser 

Severe Special Needs 

Jerri A.Kelly 

Severe Special Needs /Mathematics 

Melissa M. Kennedy 


Stephanie A. Kezer 

Political Science /Sociology 

Jennifer A. Kilgore 

Retail/ Accounting 

Jeannine Grace Kellaway 

Sociology /Human Services 

Cindy M. Kerns 

Psychology / Pr eMed 

Suzanne M. King 


Marisa J. Kramer 

Early Childhood Education/Studio Art 


Raleigh B. Kukes 


Merewyn L. Lamb 


Courtney L. Larson 



Karen E. Lawrence 


Elizabeth A. Leahy 


r ■! .Ill 


■■ : :::S :: " 

F ^k^^l 


4k? * v f 

^Bl^' h 


^W Hp B^" 


F X iV-t; -^ 

* '* Ti>v*^j 

" : ■• *" '-v-^B 

i *.. ,, H^ 


— 5fc 

■>4 r*ss 2 I 

rkA-:« 1 

Nicole A. Leah 

Retail Management 

Suzanne S. Lee 

Physical Therapy /Philosophy 

Shay L. Liang 


C. B. Loeb 

Patricia LeBel 

Graphic Design 

Stacy J. Lerea 


Jonatha C. Lope: 


Antonia K. Luff 


Laura A. Marcotte 

Physical Therapy 

Lisa M. Matukaitis 

Women's Studies 

Michele Julia Malchisky 


Kendra E. Mar 

C ommunications 

Joanne M. Markow 

Communications /Art History 

Lorena Patricia Martinez 

English / Spanish 

Vivian Ann Matuszewski 


Stephanie A. McAllister 

Elementary Education/Sociology 

Rebecca Hope Mclntire 

Graphic Design 

Kira S. McGurrin 


Kristine M. McLaughlin 


Tami D. Meretsky 


Sarah S. McPhee 

English /Education 

Christine L. Milani 


Sotiria Minasidis 


Kelly M. McNutt 


Jill Eden Minsky 

Mathematics / Physics 

Robin E. Mizner 

Elementary Education/Spanish 

Marisol Monzon 


Mo toko Morii 


Holly L. Murray 

Physical Therapy 

Kaori Nakamura 

Art Administration 

Kimberly Myra Nehring 

Graphic Design 

Anielia N. Nickerson 
Physical Therapy 

Rose Ngozi Odimegwy 


Kristin? M. O'MaUey 

Communications Spanish 

Consetter W. Pabon 


Carol M. Porter 


Gail E. Reitchel 


Maggie Anne Delacruz Pierre 

Psychology /African American Studies 

Allison B. Ray 

Human Services /Sociology 

Curran S. Pope 


Caitlin F. Reid 


Jennifer Leigh Renter 

Biology /PreMed 

Kathy M. Rock 


Terri Rose 

Retail Management 

Robin E. Ruta 


Jennifer L. Sandoval 

Women's Studies 

Heather E. Ross 

Sociology / Spanish 

Jody L. Rozecki 

Human Services 

Sammer A. Saleh 

PreMed/ African American Studies 

Nancy Howes Sanchez 
Spanish/Human Services 

Pachareepan Sattabanasuk 


Heidi E. Schoen 
Management Marketing 

Diane E. Schwarz 


■P" /WnE 

MM "^ ***" 

i\ A 



Mary Kate Sekerak 

Retail Management 

Marci S. Shapiro 


Jacqueline Shediac 

Retail Management 

Heidi L. Siegal 

Marketing / Finance 

Michal Silton 

Elementary Education 

Ephlyn U. Simms 


Ellen M. Siscamanis 

Early Childhood Education 

Mona Siwarungsan 

Finance / Marketing 


Cynthia L. Spooner 

Physical Therapy 

Toshiko Suzuki 

Finance /Management 

Jennifer R. Thomas 

Elementary Education 

Joanne Elizabeth Stowell 

Biology /Spanish 

Elizabeth Sylvetre 


Patricia A. Sullivan 

Education /Political Science 

Kristen L. Sylvia 

Mathematics Economics 

Karen A. Thomas 

Accounting/ Management 

Judc M. Thompson 

Sony a Rose Thompson 


Tamzen C. Tortolani 


Soukdara Thoummaraj 

Business Management 

Rebecca Trent o 


Maria Vagianos 

History /Art 

Marya L. Vande 


Sarah B. Titus 

Human Services 

Amanda L. Trombley 


Tracy L. Warzycha 

Physical Therapy 

Amy Lynn Webber 

iarly Childhood Education/Studio Art 

Leah Beth Weisman 

Severe Special Needs /Philosophy 

Kristi M. Winer 

Art/Business Administration 

Harumi Yamada 

Art History 

Rebecca Harris Yturregni 


Eileen Y. Kim 

Economics Art 

"Something new I learned at Simmons wa how to believe in myself." 


Coming Up In 
The World 

Underclasswomen will not be outdone by their se- 
niors. Simmons students begin demonstrating their 
skills immediately upon entering our doors, and 
underclasswomen currently hold a number of valu- 
able leadership positions on campus, in and out of the 
classroom, on and off campus. The following is a 
scrapbook of sorts of 1993-1994 through the eyes of 
our Freshwomen, Sophomores, and Juniors. In the 
coming years their individual portraits will grace 
future volumes; their courses of study and extra- 
curricular involvement will be recorded as part of the 
history of our College. They may be "coming up in 
the world," but they are coming fast. They are 
coming strong. They are making a difference. 






/ » 

Class of 1995 

"When I came to my ad- 
missions interview, I wore 
the ugliest outfit, man! 
And they STILL accepted 
Jen Rockwell, '95 

"My secret non-academic indul- 
gence is green olives. I can't get 
enough of them. Yum." 
Christine Pearson '95. 

Junior Class Officers 
1993 - 1994 

President: Rebecca Dominquez 

Vice President: Mitone Mendoza 

Secretary: Michelle Kovacs 

Treasurer: Karen Peixe 

Class of 1996 

Sophomore Class Officers 
1993 - 1994 

President: Suzanne Wagner 

Vice President: Jennifer Gazille 

Secretary: Valerie Warrino 

Treasurer: Amy Klotz 

"Being a transfer student to Simmons was probably the best decision I've ever made. I don 't 
regret anything and I've never been happier. Simmons is a great school and a wonderful 

experience for any young woman," Jessica Ganong. V6. 

Class of 1997 

"/ chose a women 's 
college because I felt 
I would get more at- 
tention in class, " 
Melissa Goode, '97 

Freshman Class Officers 
1993 - 1994 

President: Melissa Goode 

Vice President: Melissa Chern 

Secretary: Elizabeth Swecklo 

Treasurer: Jessica Bates 




if i 



1 X i 


W ' ' 

L . 

r : *' — " * 


*. vi 

January Orientation 1 994 

January transfer students receive one-on-one informa- 
tion at welcoming reception. 


Admissions Coordinator Jennifer Dejarlis . Acting Dean Deb 
Curran and Director of Student Activities Jocelyn Briddell 
prepare to address new students and their families. 

1 m- ^_ .*§* 

resident Jean Dowdall greets the January class in the 
ving room of Evans Hall. 

For students transferring into the College, Orienta- 
tion helps form a kind of "fifth class" of 
freshwomen, sophomores and juniors who have one 
thing in common right away: for a variety of rea- 
sons, they have chosen to leave their former institu- 
tions and start anew at Simmons. Administrative 
tasks and credit evaluations were balanced this vear 
with social events coordinated by the Orientation 
Staff and Transfer Liaison, such as off-campus trips 
and Movie Night in Smith Hall Lounge. 

Orientation staff and new students squeeze into a group 
photo at The European, in Boston's historic North End 

A World of 

As we write our resumes in the next few months, as 
we begin looking for those summer jobs, those senior 
internships, those field work placement positions, 
we will no doubt be surprised to discover the practi- 
cal applications of our "extracurricular" experiences. 
What may have begun as a search for something fun 
to balance out our coursework, or as a social or 
political cause we thought deserved time and atten- 
tion, has suddenly become "prior experience," and 
we say (somewhat smugly) we learned it all the hard 
way. Over 70 student organizations are recognized 
by Simmons Student Government, several of which 
are represented here as a sampling of what Simmons 
women can do with a few tools, an eager member- 
ship, and good old-fashioned stamina. 


* *~i 



National Association for Campus Activities 

Dinner medieval style on the floor of the Grand Ballroom. Sheraton Tara 

Sarah and Shauna screen new 

As institutional members of NACA, Simmons students are provided the 
opportunity to learn leadership and programming skills, interact with other 
college programming boards, and review new performers on behalf of their 
campus through regional conferences and workshops. This year, members 
of the Quadside Committee and Activities Programming Board attended the 
New England Regional Conference in Danvers, MA. Creative problem- 
solving techniques were explored, and participants were treated to nightly 
performances by comedians, bands, novelty acts, and performing arts of 
many styles and cultures, not to mention the unusual medieval banquet and 
Lip Synch contest. 

APB Special Events coordinator 
Holly Ruth makes her own kind of 

Networking at the closing awards banquet 

Student Activities Center 

The Box Office is a great place to 
buy movie passes and stamps. 

Staff at the SAC discuss upcoming events 

The Student Activities Center (SAC) is the nerve center of campus activities. Here one 
finds organization treasurers counting out the day's returns from fundraisers, or waiting 
in line for the Student Business Manager to verify paperwork and expense requests. 
Organizations and administrative departments depend on the center's Graphic Designer 
to assist with publicity for special events, while individuals from all walks of the 
community make use of the Activities Box Office for everything from T passes and 
stamps to reduced theatre tickets. The pace never lets up, even after hours, when the 
Student Activities professional staff and graduate assistants get to work on leadership 
training sessions, special events planning, all-campus annual events and organizational 

Mike reviews materials for 
Father/Daughter \\ eekend 

Karen Boss works on "News You Can Use" 
information for student organizations 

Multicultural Organizations 

on Campus 

Throughout the year, in all areas of our campus, student organi- 
zations present social, educational, and service programs dedi- 
cated to a particular cultural focus, be it defined by racial, ethnic, 
national, or sexual identity. Events pictured here are just a 
sampling of such events and programs provided by students for 

This year's Asian Student Association boasted over thirty active 
members, participating in such events as a Big Sister/Little 
Sister Workshop, hospitality night, and travel trips. 

The Hellenic Association became active again this year, though 
membership was slight. Successful fundraisers enabled them to 
sponsor an alumnae dinner, and organization leaders planned to 
increase member participation. 

A trip to the Boston International Festival was a highlight for 
participants in International Student Association events. ISA 
members focused on "cultural dialogue" this year, attempting to 
learn more about each other's cultures and traditions, while 
involving American students and other cultural organizations. 

The Black Student Organization, one of the oldest student 
organizations on campus, maintained a high profile all year, 
balancing their events calendar between educational and social 
events. BSOs greatest success was getting involved with other 
organizations and college departments to coordinate all-campus 
events concerning African-American History and cultural cel- 
ebrations. Many events, such as Kwanzaa Week are profiled 
elsewhere in this book; other events included Orientation in- 
volvement, a fashion show and fundraiser, lecture on AIDS, 
teas, featuring Ed Gaskin and other speakers, the Sadie Hawkins 
Day dance,Brown vs. the Board of Education, and special 
events for graduating seniors, such as Our Little Black Book. 

The Lesbian Bisexual Association increased its membership in 
1993-1994 and continued its involvement in GALA Week 
events. An aggressive flier campaign on "heterosexual privi- 
lege" got many people talking, as did bulletin board programs on 
hate language vs. freedom of speech. Activity in the Women's 
Center increased, as did co-sponsorship with the Feminist Union. 

While multicultural organizations provide community support 
and leadership opportunities for students of that cultural iden- 
tity, their role in the larger community can not be discounted. 
Through the leadership and programming efforts of these orga- 
nizations, the world of Simmons is expanded, enlightened, and 

above and below left: Bakes Sales in the Fens ( 

exposing the comm 

Officers of LB A 

organized a Women's Center open 

house with the Feminist Union 

as help raise funds for student organizations while 
i a variety of cuisines. 

below: BSO members working the door 
at this year's opening parts 


*vV ' 


. 1 





Expressing Our Faith 

Spiritual activity on campus seems quiet 
to many of us, but students involved in 
these organizations find many opportu- 
nities to celebrate their faith and to meet 
other students with common interests. 
This year's Hillel membership focused 
on social events, such as their billiards 
party and ice cream social. There were 
plenty of intellectual activities as well, 
from discussions led by advisor Anne 
Mierowitz to fellow student Jenny 
Goldman's reflections on her trip to Is- 
rael. Of course, Holy Days and Shabbats 
were celebrated as well, and spring se- 
mester plans included a group trip to the 
new Holocaust Museum in our nation's 

Meanwhile, Christian Fellowship held 
Bible Study groups for its members, and 
informal discussions on issues facing 
them as college students and Christians. 
Members of both organizations advo- 
cated for increased use of the Campus 
Ministries Office, and reached out to 
new students looking for spiritual and 
religious outlets, both on and off campus. 

Lighting the community menorah 

Hillel members and friends commemorate the 
Festival of Lights 

Political Activism 

Political activism is not dead. College students of the 90's are getting involved in social 
and political causes with old-fashioned spirit in all-new ways. Student organizations 
highlighted here are only a few examples of the ways that special interests are addressed 
on and off campus. 

This year's Feminist Union continued its dedication to issues of domestic violence by co- 
sponsoring the campus' Domestic Violence Awareness Week and participating in the Jane 
Doe Fund's Walk For Women's Safety, which supports shelters and other assistance 
programs in the Boston area. Members also walked for Breast Cancer Research and 
presented speakers on the subject on campus. The Union also took an international interest 
in women in Palestine and Israel; lectures and discussions on this topic were well attended. 

The Model UN prepared to attend the annual conference in New York, where participants 
represented the nation of Belarus. 

Voice for the Voiceless became Simmons' newest recognized organization this year, 
dedicating its energies to educating the community on alternatives to abortion in instances 
of unplanned pregnancy. 

V V*-* 


A gathering of feminists in the MCB Women's Center 

Voice for the Voiceless joins 
national march in Washington. 

Simmons Iheatncal Society 

Some people thought it 
couldn't be done, but they 
went ahead and did it. 
Simmons Theatrical So- 
ciety presented not one, 
but two, dramatic perfor- 
mances on campus in 
Alumnae Hall, showcas- 
ing the talents of student 
actresses (and a few ac- 
tors) in some of the stron- 
gest female roles in con- 
temporary American the- 
atre. Pictured here are 
highlights from the fall 
production of Beth 
Henley's Crimes of the 
Heart, directed by Katy 

Cast and crew members 

Nina Barufaldi (Lenny) 
Britta Rodrigues(Chick) 
Christopher Fritts (Doc) 
Polly Moneyhun (Meg) 
Jennifer Storm (Babe) 

Sherry Sweet (Stage 


Heather Morrison (Set) 

Sarah Daly (Set) 

Karen Peixe (Sound) 

Karen Peekingham 


Liz Bonville (House) 

Lisa Smeetser 

(Lighting, Set, and 


Chorale and Sirens 

•>:% ;*;♦;♦:♦:♦;♦;♦;♦;♦:♦: 

%* *<* ?< m £>: - s < •* .tiW*. ■ 

*iV'» * » * » ♦ * 

A v A ******* 
^ * * * * » » » * 
, ^ w ,- - ***** 

Chorale and Sirens provided music throughout the year at a variety of special events and concerts, both 
on and off campus. Chorale's annual holiday and spring concerts were repeated this year, with the 
addition of a concert for faculty held in Trustman Art Gallery. Simmons Chorale was especially honored 
to perform at the Inauguration of President Dowdall. The Sirens continued their tradition of bringing 
popular a cappella music to campus while working with other similar college groups in New England. 
Among Sirens' "gigs" this year were an appearance at all-campus tea, Mother-Daughter Weekend, bi- 
annual concerts in Alumnae Hall and Quadside, and several off-campus appearances. 

community uutreacn 

For new students, the Transfer Liaison pro- 
vided immediate contacts and community sup- 
port during both fall and spring Orientation 
sessions. Comprised mostly of students who 
transferred to Simmons from other colleges 
and universities, the Transfer Liaison worked 
closely with Admissions counselors on issues 
regarding transfer students, assisted with Ori- 
entation programs, even provided advice and 
assistance to students considering transferring 
out of Simmons College. 

Simmons Community Outreach enjoyed a 
banner year in 1993-1994. Record numbers of 
participants "stepped out to serve" in one-day 
community service projects and fundraising 
activities, the centerpiece of which occured 
during Inauguration/Parents' Weekend events. 
Parents, staff, alumnae, and students worked 
together on special projects, bringing Simmons 
College and the outside world closer together. 

Students and Alumnae also met through the 
efforts of the Student Alumnae Association, 
an SGA organization that helps current stu- 
dents and Simmons graduates find each other 
through seminars, mentor programs, and net- 
working travel trips. 

Women in Communications, Inc, members combine business with 

Student Alumnae Association and Class of 1995 co-sponsored the 
Simmons Booth at this year's Head of the Charles Regatta. 

below: students gain valuable contacts through the Mentor Program, 
founded by Susan Harper, '91 (left) 

All-Campus Programming 

Saving a life feels good at APB's annual blood drive 

Programming for the Simmons commu- 
nity is never an easy task — trying to 
provide educational and social events 
for our community can be time-consum- 
ing, frustrating, even exhausting. It can 
also be extremely fulfilling, as members 
of the Activities Programming Board 
and Quadside Committee discovered this 
year. Quadside programmers tried new 
ideas this year, such as the Mystery Cafe 
program pictured here, and brought back 
popular events from last year, such as 
Talent Night and the Tezuka Film Festi- 
val. The new young membership of 
APB focused its lecture series on civil 
rights while co-sponsoring with other 
groups to enhance awareness weeks such 
as Domestic Violence and Kwanzaa. 
Students enjoyed attending Boston Bal- 
let performances, and rallied to assist in 
biannual blood drives for the American 
Red Cross. 

Dr. Gail Dines discusses the 
impact of pornography 

[■■■■■l\ / ivJr „£ Li I- . 

Looks like Kristy forgot her prom dress! 

Prom Night is re-created in the Quadside Cafe for 
"Mystery Cafe Theatre" 

APB Members. Term 1 

Quadside Committee w ith 
Advisor Mike Genovese 

Student Publications and 


Student Activities fees support three print publications 
and one very determined (but not on-air) radio station. 
The Simmons News is published weekly and distrib- 
uted at no cost to the Simmons Community. Also 
distributed at no cost is the literary journal Sidelines. 
featuring original works by students, including art and 
photograph}'. The college yearbook. Microcosm, was 
pre-sold to students and their families as well as sold on 
campus in the spring semester. Seniors eagerly await 
a summer supplement which will highlight Commence- 
ment Week events and other spring activities. All three 
publications work within the crowded Student Publica- 
tions Office, sometimes all in production at once. 
WISM (also known as Radio for Simmons) made 
finding space (crowded or otherwise) its number one 
priority this year as they continued their quest to 
provide closed-circuit radio transmission and broad- 
casting experience to the student body. Members of 
WISM. with the assistance of Student Activities, pre- 
pared a proposal of their long and short-term needs in 
order to put the station on the air. 

Radio For Simmons (WSIM) petitions the College for broadcasting 

Microcosm sales drive yields over 200 purchases 

Impromptu editorial meeting of the News 

Kassie and Marci proof layout w 
editor Joanne Markow catches 
quick nap 


tudent Government 

SGA took on a variety of issues and projects, some 
of which broke new ground, while others were 
continuations of on-going concerns. SGA coordi- 
nated forums with President Dowdall and other 
guests to allow individual students a voice with 
the administration. SGA continued to advocate 
for the building of a new Student Activities Center 
in the MCB, surveyed the student body regarding 
changes within the curriculum, reviewed pro- 
posed changes in the College alochol policy, and 
debated freedom of expression issues around the 
recognition of a new student organization. 



- "\ 


President Jill Minsky discusses policy and legislation 

with Provost Search Committee member Karen Boss and 

Simmons News Managing Editor Marci Levine 

"If I could change 
one thing about 
Simmons, I would 
make its students 
more interested in 
what goes on at 
the College and 
more aware of 
how decisions af- 
fect them, " 
Kimbriel, '95 


Megan Tu\bur\. Bett\ 
Boyle. Suzanne Wagner. 
Martine Desnoyer, Jessica 
R a \\ s o n , R e b e c c a 
Dominguez. Jhovanna 
Kawas, Joeelyn Briddell. 
Krist\ Finch. Jill Minsky, 
Marisa Kramer. Sukkie 
Pang. Laura Moreschi, 
Melissa Goode 

not pictured: Jennifer Neil. 
Sarah Clunis, Trelane Clark. 
Neith Preston. Tamika Tay- 
lor, Melissa Chen. Angela 

President's Council meetings bring student 
leaders from all recognized organiztions to- 

SGA Advisor Joeelyn Briddell facilitates group 







Art & Music 

President: Erin Daley 
Vice President: Amv Merrill 
Treasurer: Connie Hu 
Secretary: Nannette Racette 
Advisor: Robert Oppenheim 
Events: New York trip with Pine Manor College, 
gallery walks, visit to Harvard University muse- 
ums, discuss topics related to art and music, read 
student evaluations of department courses 


President: Christine Hofstetter 
Vice President: Elizabeth Sylvestre 
Treasurer: Glenda Otero 
Secretary: Bonnie Can- 
Advisor: Iclal Hartman 

Events:Welcome Party for freshwomen. ACS 
Norris Award Dinner, careers night, show for 
Children's Hospital, informative meeting for chem- 
istry/pharmacy students, other support for chemis- 
try majors and interested students 

Foreign Languages 

President: Valerie Anderson 
Vice President: Sarah Bardet 
Treasurer: Jen Montgomery 
Secretary: Jennifer Rosenbaum 
Advisor: Raquel Halty Pfaff 
Events: activities with students of L.I.F.E., cross- 
cultural awareness programs, foreign language 
film nights, international student panels, meet- 
ings with students who have studied abroad, 
interaction with Foreign Language-major alum- 

Funded and represented by Student Government, aca- 
demic liaisons help form a bridge between curricuhj 
and co-curricular activities. Students organize prJ 
fessional and social events within their field of stud' 1 
as well as advocate for changes within their curricil: 
lum. The liaisons listed here were active and reco^ 
nized during the 1993-1994 academic year. 

Biology r | 

President: Julie Grossman 

Vice President: Samantha Grenier 

Treasurer: Tracy Pfenning 

Secretary: Nadine Earley 

Advisor: Mary H. Owen 

Events: Careers in Biology. City Year Serve-a-Thon. World 

AIDS Day. established Richard Nickerson field trip fund. 

initiated Big Sister/Little Sister program. Biology In the 

News. Alternative Abroad Opportunities seminar. OmniMax 

Theatre trip. Stoneyfield Yogurt factory visit 



President: Deanna Almeida 
Vice President: Kristen Sylvia 
Treasurer: Angela Glebus 
Advisor: Carol Biewener 


President: Sarah E. Heap 
Vice President: Julie Carter 
Treasurer: Lucia DeGirolamo 
Secretary: Stacee Goldstein 
Advisor: Susan M. Kasuba 
Events: field trips, wine & cheese mixer, career 
night, interviewing techniques seminar, guest lec- 
turers, January graduation reception, pasta party, 
Management Liaison dinner 


President: Kristen Sylvia 

Vice President: Deanna Almeida 

Treasurer: Tracy Antonelli 

Secretary: Krista Soucey 

Advisor: Donna Beers 

Events: Curriculum evaluations, holiday party, 

career night, Sonia K. Day 


'resident: Suzanne King 

/ice President: Maureen Maguire 

treasurer: Joyce Foley-Clayton;Heather Nelson 

Jecretary: Valerie Goldman 

Advisor: Margery Gann 

ivents: Book sale, career night, National Nutrition 

vlonth, Nutrition Major Night,dietetic internship 

light, MDA Spring Convention 

Physical Therapy 

President: Jennie Goldman 

Vice President: Stephanie Chabot 

Treasurer: Amy C. Zirpolo 

Secretary: Michelle Landry 

Liaison to APTA: Karyn Brown; Bethany 


Advisor: Velda Goldberg 


President: Merribeth Rose 
Vice President: Shelley Bourgeois 
Treasurer: Melissa Kennedy 
Advisor: Ann Kittler 

Events: Nursing Pinning ceremony, health educa- 
tion workshops 


President: Adina Mardenborough 
Treasurer: Farida Rajwani 
Advisor: Sue Stafford 

Political Science 

President: Jessica Shipps 

Treasurer: Farida Rajwani 

Advisor: Deborah Miner; Cheryl B. Welch 


President: Sharlene Tatta 

Vice President: Sonya Thompson 

Treasurer: Amy Austin 

Secretary: Jamie Evangelho 

Advisor: Peter Castle 

Events: field trip to Webster House, internship 

night, liaison retreat, senior toast. Christmas part) . 

alumnae nisht 

Wide World 
of Sports 

One luxury the athlete at a women's college can count 
on is receiving one hundred percent of the athletics 
dollar. It is not uncommon for women's athletics to 
suffer on the co-educational campus: women's teams 
are issued the less desireable playing fields, practice 
times, uniforms, and equipment. Many women will 
tell you that being considered first class athletes by 
their institutions was a deciding factor in their deci- 
sion to attend a women's college. It is important to 
remember, too, that the Simmons athlete is not al- 
ways found wearing the team uniform. She is often 
striving for her personal best in early morning hours 
in the sports center and strenuous and solitary runs 
calculated in city miles. We salute this brave, and 
mostly undercelebrated, world of Simmons College. 


fc_ ^ 


ff <»».. 

r 1 1 ^ 

*lv *• ■■■■> 



clockwise from left: 
Coach Farias gives pre-game 
advice;Jessica Shipps reinforces 
her strength and balance through 
practice; setting up the goal takes 
teamwork; Simmons Soccer: a 
team united! 

1 % u 

1993- 1994 Soccer Team 

Captains: Alexis Boryczyka & 

Amy Shea 

Chari Beauperthuy 

#3 F 

Jennifer Bessette 

#20 D 

Alexis Boryczyka 

#8 F 

Selene Brantley 

#15 F 

Emily Cass 


Megan Coburn 

#9 F 

Amber Crenetz 

#1 M 

Erika Dowe 


Jennifer Hayes 

#12 GK 

Bridget Kay 


Carrie Locke 

#23 M 

Julie O'Connor 

#10 D 

Amy Shea 

#4 D 

Jessica Shipps 

#13 M 

Amanda Sousa 

#14 F 

Coach: Petra Farias 

Swimming and Diving 

clockwise from left:fundraising and P.R. in the Lower 
Commons; Suzanne Wagnerprepares mentally with the help 
Catherine Boehm; spectator's eye view of competition; diving 
team members 


993 -1994 Swimming/D 

i\ ing Team 

Sara Arnold 

Jennifer Haggans 

Suzanne Wagner 

Alison Babel 

Kristen Huggins 

Valerie Warrino 

Jennifer Bergevin 

Ricki Jaecke] 

Lorien Zeiser 

Catherine Boehm 

Leah Kilmartin 

Susan Zieha 

Sarah Clunis 

Colleen Maguire 

Kiersten Crawford 

Dulcinea Misiaszek 

Kelly Cross 

Li/ Shirokov 

Coaches: Ann McDeimotl 

Nana Fueki 

Tara Spellissy 

[ngrid Johnson 

Jessica Ganong 

Megan Utter 

Trainer: Dariene Moore 

Erika Gasko 

Juli Vocca 

The William J. Holme: 

"My favorite stoiy abol 
fell asleep during yog 

In the Fall of 1993. the Residence Cam- 
pus sports center, which opened in the 
Spring of 1989. was named in honor of 
the College's 4th president, William J. 
Holmes. The Holmes Sports Center, 
reknowned for its architecture and state 
of the art design, serves the Simmons 
Community, its alumni, their guests, and 
invited members of the Fenway and 
Medical Community. In addition to re- 
quired Physical Education courses (in- 
cluding aerobic and modern dance, bad- 
minton, fencing, sailing, squash, racquet- 
ball, swimming, tennis, volleyball, yoga, 
and jogging), students can take advan- 
tage of workouts in the weight room, 
basketball and squash courts, pool, and 
indoor track. While Simmons currently 
lacks an intramural sports program, a 
newly formed Athletics Committee 
named this as one of its goals, as Athlet- 
ics prepared to join the Division of Stu- 
dent Life in 1994. 

Sports Center 

PE Class is when my friend 
class..." April Guillet, '94 



2usi» S 


Simmons' tennis team began its season September 1 1 
against Colby-Sawyer, and in the beginning, met with 
frustrating results. By their third match, however, this 
year's team presented a more unified front, defeating 
Regis College and Suffolk University in back-to-back 
matches at home. The young team , which featured four 
freshwomen and few upperclass athletes, struggled 
against Emmanuel College, but gained lost ground during 
the doubles matches. In spite of such an early starting 
season, and a prevailing number of new team members, 
Simmons Tennis ended its season proudly under the 
guidance of coach Karen Naylor. 

" / think that sports at Simmons need more enthusiasm. 
We need more spirit as a college, " Anonymous 

Field Hockey 


As Preseason '93 commenced, the improved strength 
of returning players was evident, and the comple- 
mentary strength of the Class of 1 997 was welcome. 
Each player made improvements in her game at 
various stages throughout the season, which led to 
some very exciting hockey. Tri-Captains Jessica 
Bryam, Kara LeBlanc, and Karen Krzywda proved 
strong leaders on and off the field. Krzywda re- 
peated as high scorer for the team, and improved in 
her assists. She led a strong forward line which 
consisted of tri-captain Bryam. who made a move 
from a defensive backfielder to an offensive threat 
in the earlier part of the season. Alyson McGowan 
added power as second leading scorer on the team. 
Strong and tenacious play was given by forwards 
Amy Dougherty. Jackie Poirier. Krister) Guevara, 
Deb Lary and Dawn McKinley. 
The results of a team made up of nine freshw omen. 
nine sophomores, and one senior was an 8-6-0 
season, bettering last year's record. The season's 
highlight was a physically and mentally tough game 
against Fitchburg State University. Though 
Simmons was defeated 1 -2. the players showed both 
heart and pride. Simmons placed third in this \ ear's 
New England Women's Athletic Council, and five 
individual players were named to the All-Confer- 
ence team — the largest representation of an) team 
in the conference tournament. Congratulations go 
to Karen Krzywda. Kara LeBlanc. Karen O'Reilh . 
Karen Peixe. and Kara Drake. Cheers also to coach 
Kimberly Koh and Manager Carry McFee. 


1993- 1994 Crew Team 


The 1993 - 1994 Crew season was one of the 
most successful years since the team was 
founded in 1978. Races were strong, in spite of 
the fact that the varsity squad consisted of only 
eleven members. The novice squad was a polar 
opposite, with close to thirty rowers and four 

The team practiced on the Charles River until 
mid-November. When the dock at the Boston 
University Boathouse (where Simmons Crew 
practices) began to get slippery from ice, the 
team moved inside for winter training. 
Over Spring Break, the team traveled to South 
Carolina for a week of warm weather and a 
chance to sit in a boat again. Southern training 
gave them a head start over many crews, who 
do not get on the water until the ice has cleared. 
The spring season christened a brand new boat, 
and the year ended solidly after many strong 
races at home and away. 


"If I were going to give the college a million dollars, I would have them spend it on the 
Crew Team. We could use a few new boats, " Christine Collins, '96 


above: tense moment on the river 
right: competitors eye the shoreline 



-1994 Sailing Schedule 


Invite at Stonehill 


Symposium at Tufts 


Invite at L'Rl 

9/18-19 New England 



Invite at Wesleyan 

9/25-26 Penobscot Ba\ at 

Mass Maritime 


True North at UNH 


Protest Troph) at Stonehill 


In\ ite at Salve Regina 

10 10 

ln\ ite at Mass Maritime 

10 16 

In\ ite at Harvard 


Smith Tropin 


Southern Series 

10 24 

Hurst How 1 at Dartmouth 

10 30 



In\ ue at Wesleyan 

1 1 ~ 

Unite at Mass Maritime 


bird's eye view 

After a difficult season opener, 
this year's basketball team took 
some time for extra practicing 
and preparation for the spring 
semester's games. The team 
quickly found their strength 
again in a game against Colby- 
Sawyer which found them sim- 
ply "outinched" by their 6 foot 
tall opponents. An easy win 
against the Lions of Emerson 
College gave them passing and 
rebound practice, and in the end 
only Emerson's foul shots could 
help close the fifty point spread. 
This year's highlight belongs to 
Heather Ross, who made Sim- 
mons history by scoring her 
1000th point in a game against 
Rivier College. Heather's foul 
shot stopped the game, and even 
Rivier players applauded her 

"Never sit to rest until your 
good is better and your better 
is best, " Heather Ross, '94 

Simmons shoots against neighbor and rival W.I.T. 

Cross Country Irack 


Reports From The Simmons News: 

"Gretchen Eastler had an outstanding race in the Cod Fish Bowl on October 2, 1993. Out of the 1 42 runners 

that competed, Eastler finished 9th. Her time of 19:26 was an improvement of over two minutes off her best 

time for the Franklin Park Course. Fifteen schools took part in the Cod Fish Bowl, one of the oldest cross 

country races in the area. The competition consisted of mainly Division Three runners, but some Division Two 

runners also competed. 

"Simmons runners Karen Leary and Liz Boucher also competed in the Saturday meet. Leary finished \\ ith a 

time of 24:17, while Boucher completed the race with a time of 26:45. earning her 136th place.... 

"The Simmons cross country team had three of the top four finishes at La Salle College on October 21.1 993. 

Gretchen Eastler took first place with her time of 14:33. Victoria Naddaf followed in second with a time of 

16:18. Karen Leary came in fourth out of 12 runners with a time of 18:08. 

Members of the team also took part in the New England Women's Athletics Conference Championships. Out 

of the 32 runners that competed in the race held at Coast Guard Academy. Karen Lean placed 1 5th with a time 

of 25:55. Sophomore Amy Carleton's time of 29:46 on the 3. 1 mile course earned her 23rd place. 

— Kelli Costello, Simmons News staff writer 



Simmons Volleyball finished second to the US 
Coast Guard Academy in November's Champi- 
onship Games. Though Simmons lost its three 
games to Coast Guard, it soundly defeated 
Endicott. to hold on to its 2nd Place Ranking. 
Siofra Rice and Lang Dowling were named to the 
All-Conference team. 

1993 - 1994 Volleyball Team 

Captains: Pam Chamorro 


Siofra Rice 


Lang Dowling 


Erin Maloney 


Jennifer Pitts 


Katie Snow 


Liz Szilagyi 


Debbie Walsh 


Amy Wilusz 


Saroeun Yearn 


Coach: Alison Kaufman 

Trainer: Darlene Moore 

Salute To 


the Student Athlete 

st. — 

i _ 

The Worlds 

Ask a random sampling to describe the Simmons 
student body, and you may be surprised at the variety 
of answers you'll get. That's because, as we keep 
reminding you, the world of Simmons College is 
many worlds within one. If you live on campus, or 
off; if you are from the next town or oceans away; if 
you are 17 or 47; your view of Simmons will be 
affected. As our student body becomes even more 
diversified, we as the Simmons Community are some- 
times more drawn to point our differences than our 
similarities. Because our worlds overlap, however, 
we can continue to learn from and influence those 
who know a different side of Simmons than we do, 
and eventually come to cherish the "sameness" of 
being sisters of Simmons College, even as we ac- 
knowledge and celebrate that which keeps us indi- 


^# "*■■■■ ~ 

+ r 

RA's awaiting new resident students 

4- *S 

9,w 5 


"My happiest times i\ 
hanging out in the h 
floor," K\ 



ight) Mom always said... 
>on't use Play-Doh® in the 
iving Room! 





> I 







Studying on the Quad (when weather permits) 

"My favorite social eva 
Steak Night at Bartol, " 

k«r I 

)us Life 

l ege have been spent 
y with people on my 
\utler, '97 

"Be a Hall Council member or just 
look like one..." 

(left) Being in the right 
place at the right time 
means scoring free 

't Simmons is 
ico Rechy, '95 

The fond memories of residence hall life : a captive audience of friends, hall activities, the 
support of your residence life staff, the freedom and security of a (nearly) independent 
lifestyle. The stories we like to tell: scary roommates, unexpected "pets." the hall flu epi 
demic, banging radiators, Cap'n Crunch for dinner 4 nights a week. What will eventual!) 
translate as the best of times and the worst of times as we recall our college experiences can 
be summed up in the simple statement "I lived on campus." Some "Residence Hall Speak." 
however, belongs only to the world that is Simmons, and bears some translating for the 
uninitiated. 1993- 1994 was the year that Morse Hall "went off-line," as the saying goes, 
meaning that it was closed to Simmons students, and housed instead a full community of 
L.I.F.E. (that is. Language Institute For English) students, who coordinated programs and 
activities with the other halls. North Hall continued to be home to resident graduate 
students, in larger numbers than ever before: several other graduate students joined our 
residence community this year in the form of a new fleet of Resident Directors t,RDsV The 
Residence Life staff bid farewell to Director Meg Wischer. but welcomed Assistant Director 
Georgette Green-Hodnett by year's end. The Evans Hall "democratic community" was 
refocused but continued to be a unique corner of our campus w here tea is held on Monda\ 
nights and where the BSO Lounge and Kosher Kitchen continued to sen e their respecth e 


CSA President Tracy Antonelli 

represents off-campus students on 

SGA issues 

There is no one world of "off-campus life." There is the commuter 
life: living out of town with the family (the one that raised you or the 
one you're raising); at one with the MBTA; looking for ways to beat 
the parking lot line on Louis Pasteur; lockers and library carrels and 
naps in the lounge. There is the Boston life: "cozy" studio apartments, 
the Star Market grocery run, the thrill of Marshall's in the Back Bay. 
For most of us it is part-time jobs and full-time studies, weekend study 
groups, late night carpools, getting to know each other on the Security 

This year's off-campus students began dialogues with new college 
administrators which examined current issues of concern to off- 
campus students and began looking for ways to address those con- 

Commuter Student Advisors and the Commuter Association spon- 
sored social events and community service, reaching out especially to 
new students during Orientation and advising sessions. Annual 
events such as Hallowgrams, "Twice-Told Tales" Book Sale, New 
Student Dinner and holiday parties were successful, as usual. Teas 
were also sponsored during the semester, mirroring the Friday After- 
noon Tea program on the Residence Campus. 

Commuter Association members volunteered their time to the Big Sisters Asso- 
ciation of Boston, coordinating a haunted House and assisting with their annual 
Hallowe'en party 


n L S3 

m & up 

2-4 « la. 

Off-campus students were relieved to learn that plans for a new Activi- 
ties Center would include a lounge and office space for commuters. 


The Fens may be crowded, but 

there is always study space in the 


Gossip, tutoring, and networking are all in the spirit of Lounge Atmosphere 


Stepping outside of our micro- 
cosm, we go to seek a different 
side of the world. Some of 
Simmons' students are given the 
opprtunity to learn about differ- 
ent cultures, and study in those 
foreign lands. The semester 
abroad program has been an out- 
let for our fellow collegues who 
want that extra special opportu- 
nity to travel before they gradu- 
ate. They are more independent 
at this stage of their life than any 
other time.The memories they 
acquire will stay with them 
throughout their lives as some of 
their best. 

Susan Baughman walks the plank in search of sharks! 

Susan Baughman, 1995 
Studying in the Caribbean 
Majoring in Bio-chemistry 

"The experience of a lifetime 
SEA (Sea Education Associa 
tion) semester abroad com 
bined the worlds of science 
and humanities with a uniqui 
adventure in sailing! When 
else could you be on ; 
sharkwatch during a swim, o 
giving a research presentatioi 
in eighty degree weather in tht 
middle of December?" 


Valerie Anderson, 1995 

Studying in Strasbourg, France 

Majoring in Economics and French 

"Thinking about spending six months in 
another country is really scary. I'll really 
miss Boston, all my friends and my family. 
I have no idea of what to expect when I get 
where I'm going." 

Study abroad opportunities grew by one nation 
this year when the African American Studies 
department completed the groundwork necessary 
to offer a travel/study program at the University of 
Ghana in Legon, located in West Africa. Though 
the University is an English-speaking campus, 
participants will take courses in Ghana's language 
and history. The development of the Ghana study 
program was born out of student efforts, and 
supported by the African American Studies 
department. The Ghana program joins other study 
abroad programs mentioned here, as well as study 
opportunities in Spain and England. Other 
exchange programs offered to a limited number of 
students include semesters at Mills and Spelman 
Colleges, Fisk University, and American 
University in Washington. DC. More locally, 
students have spent exchange semesters at Hebrew 
College and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy. 

Stephanie Hansen. 1995 

Studying in Strasburg. Italy 

Majoring in Economics 

"It's scary going to another coun- 
try, but I know that once I get there 
I'll have the best time of my life. 
The Italian culture is really exciting 
and mysterious. It'll be a really 
cool experience." 

Valerie Anderson packed and smiling outside her 
room in Arnold Hall. 

Stephanie Hansen takes a moment from packing to 
give us a smile. 

The Dorothea Lynde Dix Scholars Program 

Information from the newly named Dorothea 
Dix Scholars Programs proudly proclaims that it 
" one of New England's oldest and most 
successful undergraduate programs for women 
beyond the age of traditional college students. 
Begun in 1964. it was originally called the 
Simmons College Continuing Education Pro- 
gram. To date, hundreds of women have com- 
pleted their undergraduate course work and ob- 
tained their baccalaureate degrees. ..through this 
uinque program." While meeting their aca- 
demic goals, Dix Scholars also find they in- 
crease their self-esteem and gain a sense of 
empowerment which, in turn, leads to more 
challenging, interesting lives. Approximately 
1 6% of the 1 400 undergraduate student body are 
Dix Scholars; this year's graduating class in- 
cluded over 60 of them. 

V J 

Director Jean Heaton speaks with a prospective student. 

"Being a Dix Scholar is: 








Heather Harrison-Catledge, '94 

A Dix Scholar takes time out of her day to enjoy the Browsing 
Room in Beatley Library. 

"Being a Dix Scholar is 
part hard work and part pure 
joy. It is knowing I am ex- 
actly where I am supposed 
to be at this exact time in my 
life, " Carol Porter, '94 

Coffee Talk in the Shepherd Room was a nice time for them to chat. 

Academic Life for the Undergraduates 

The sun always makes it nicer to study outside! 

Although Simmons offers man\ op- 
portunities to be involved in extra- 
curricularactivities, students are knoun 
to give priority to academic commit- 
ments. Studying three hours for ever) 
hour of class can be tough, but the) 
always seem to find a different place to 
study and pass the time. Between 
Beatley Library, bedrooms, the sunny 
quad at the residence campus or out- 
side by the Simmons parking lot. stu- 
dents can always find a comfortable 
place to unload the books for a few 

"One thing I would never change about 
Simmons is the fact that it is a thriving All- 
Women college!! " 

Anne Lathrop, '96 

Taking time out to just read a good book. 

Comparing notes with classmates can make the time fly by! 


Everyone says that the friendships we make in col- 
lege will last a lifetime. The other connection that 
lasts, even if only in our memories, is the connection 
we may make with an instructor, and advisor, super- 
visor, administrator or coach who touches our lives in 
a lasting way. As we discover our own potential for 
leadership, we grow to admire the accomplishments 
and contributions made by our teaching faculty and 
administrative staff. As a small institution, Simmons 
is able to boast of the individual contacts students will 
make with these members of our community. They 
have been our strongest supporters, or strictest critics, 
and often our dearest friends. 


■ ■ 


<* 1 1 H 
I ■ ' 1 

$fc SB 





. .. 

f^-«> T*» 

B Hi 



: . ■ - 1 









* ^ 

*• "•»] 

W *■ ,'^"*lfc\B^ 




$m ^ 







Office of the President 

Vice President 
Carol Leary j 

President Jean Dowdall 

not pictured: Maria Beeman, Cathy Black, 
Diane Hammer 

Dean For Undergraduate 

Acting Dean Judith Wittenburg 
Jean Chaput Welch 
Jeannie Madden 
^M Phyllis Peddy 

Student Life 

Acting Dean Deb Curran 

Associate Dean Carolyn Holland 
Assistant Dean Susan Jordan 

iot pictured: Sandra Northrup, Catherine Baldwin, 
Caren Tobin, Blanca Lo, Jolene Lane, MiLisa Ward 

Academic Support Services 

Kari Olvadotti, Director Tom Hurley, Jeanne 
Burke, Jessica Shipps, Josephine Shaddock, Tracy 


Not Pictured: Elise Currie, Erika Dowe, Sally 

Grigg, CB Loeb, Amy Shea, Kate Shore, Samar 

Abdul-Hadi, Amy Carrara, Brad Wilder, Chris 

Davis, Anquelique Davi, Harriett MacMahon 


Michel Wijands-Hawk, Lyn Fulton, Jennifer 

Coulter-Dejarlais, Kathleen Mathews, Dean 

Deborah Wright, Rene Agard, Jane Fidler, 

Kathleen Brown, Lisa Dingman, Crissilla Parris 

not pictured: Lori Brugliera, Alecia Cyprian 

Alumnae/i Relations 

Alcurtis Clark, Gillian Stanley, Deborah Vaccaro 

Joan Kelly, Director Christine Franklin , Jud; 

Makrauer, Colleen Cummings 

not pictured: Dawn Sinclair 


Chris LaPorte, Carly McFee, Carleen Shank, 
Susanne Lein, Meghan Tuxbury, Karen Smith 

Not pictured: Manager Amanda Smith, Liz 

Sheinkopf, Nikee Upadyaya, Mellisa Barmmer, 

Cruista Pinto, Madilin Morales 

Business Manager 

Business Manager Marcus Buckley, 

Rita Beal, Kathleen Peroni-Callahan 

Not pictured: Kathleen Cotter 

Career Services & 
Student Employment 

Linda Spencer, Mary Sobchuk, Wendy Friend, 
Stacy Washington. 

Not pictured: Director Deb Curran, 
Mary Fitzgerald 

Counseling Center 

Louise W. Christian, 

Director Jonathan Ehrenworth, 

Lourdes Rodriguez-Nogues 

lot pictured: Adle Ash 

DAKA International 

John Hayes, Tom Riley, Rachid Dallahy, Marcel 

White, Millis Bowie, Sharon O'Donohue, Ruby 

Crawford, Helen Margiritis, Esther Soto, Felicia 

Yascovia, Mark Jones, James Braxton. 

Dorothea Lyn Dix 
Scholars Program 

Anna Belle Lee, Bichevia Miller, 
Irene Chaput, Director Jean Heaton 

ot pictured: Catherine Gabuzda 

Financial Aid 

Joan R. Perlman, Johnetta Wiles, Barbara Fazio, 

Director Lisa Mayer, Denise Haynes, 

Nancy Tobey 

Not Pictured: Beth E. Bolles 

Health Services 

Joan Sullivan, 

Administrative Director Diane Morrisey, 

Denise O'Connor, Mary Embry 

Not Pictured: Medical Director Kay Peterson, 

Mary Griffin, Joan Salie, Carol Slantez, Deborah 

Krepcio, Randi Lite, Regina Peluso, Darla Witmer 


Fran Rogers, Margaret Shue, Linda Watkins, Mia 
Calivas, Carol Demos, Jane Nash, Ann Pardo, Connie 
Drapeau, Ilze Olmstead, Judy Matthew, Tammy 
Coney, Peter Carini, Martha Davidson, Christine 
McGowan, Sandra Hylen, Bernie Colo, Theresa 
Liedtka, Cheryl Brigante, Pia Romano, Janine 
Rousseau, Director Artemis Kirk, Elizabeth 
Donnoley, Gianna Gifford, Megan Sniffin-Marinoff 

not pictured: Scott Armstrong, Marilyn Bregoli, 
Katherine Brown, Daphne Harrington, Mary McKeon, 
Judy Narosny, Barbara Passoff 

Public Information 

Zoe Neves, Director Nancy Santos, 

Jennifer Jackson, Elizabeth Stevenson, 

Kathleen Cantwell 

Public Safety 

Leo Higgins, Kristen Bolt, 

Mark Dunderdale, Riobert Burgess, 

Karen Danile, Walter Langley 

not pictured:Director Gayla Faegin 


Maureen Boyle, Registrar Donna Dolan 

Denise Chmberlain. Monica Ke>. 

Philomena Kilkelly. Pamela Taylor 

Not Pictured: Linda Lepov* 

Residence Life 

Gorgette Green-Hodnett, Jay Hargis. 
Acting Director Becky Pulling. Karen Savag< 

not pictured:Ann DiMeola, Kelly Donahue. 
Cydney Newman, Megan Powers. Jennifer 
Riddell, Andrea Stultz, Amy Sukinik. Karen 
Talbot, Robin Van Oosterhout 



Sponsored Programs 

Director Jan Stanwood 

not pictured: Valerie Beaudrault 


|0 KM 




Student Activities 

Michael Genovese. Michael LaLiberte, 

Karen Boss. Director Joceh n Briddell. 

Robin Sitten 

not pictured: Priscilla Stein. Jennifer Neil. Angie 

"When I describe Simmons College to friends, I tell them that the 
students are bright, motivated, and even better, really nice ! " 

Priscilla Stein, Student Activities 

Treasurer's Office 

Vice President Michael West, Latasha Wash- 
ington, Kate Maloney, Nora Brennan, Suzanne 
Hughes, Donna Robb, Palissa Nickerson, Julie 
Maunsell, Patricia Fallon, Eileen Hegarty, Diane 
Hallisey, Susan Driscoll, Elizabeth Tibbetts, Sarah 
Baun, Gerard DiChiara 

not pictured: Patty Blood, Ron Mendes, Janice 

"I Would like to see Simmons increase the 
number of AH AN A students, 
faculty, and administrators, " 
Trelane Clark, '96 

"**&!!!#»$@8**$$$&*$!!*.... ", Anonymous 

African-American Studies 

Professor Michael Williams 

Art and Music 

Chairperson Patricia Johnson, Penny Redfield. Robert Oppenheim 

Not Pictured: Dana Chandler, Natalie Coletta-Sanford, Leslie Cormier. Robert Ingari, 

Maja Lianko, Lisa Russell. Wendy Seller. Greg Slowik 




Chairperson Karen Talentino, Mary Owen, 
Jane Lopilato, Bruce Gray 

nt pictured: Paul Colombo, Tucker Crum, Victoria Galloway, Deborah Gordon, 
Randi Lite, Janet McDonough, Arthur Skura, Carolyn Spiros, Sandra Williams 

Children 's Literature 

Chairperson Susan P. Bloom, 
Cathie M. Mercier 

not pictured: Melody Allen, Nancy Bond, Ann 
Flowers, Michael Hearn, Evelyn Perry, Use Plume 
Roger Sutton, Joan Tieman 


Chairperson Iclal Hartman, 

Peter Bowers, Len Soltzberg, 

Tom Basiri 

not pictured: Virginia Brown, Nora Friel, Michael 
Kaplan, Krassimir, James Piper, Carolyn Spodick, 
Sherry Williams 


Derrick Jackson, Chairperson Deborah 

Smiley, James Corcoran, Vaughn Sills, Bob 

White, Lynda Beltz, Kyong Choe, 

Nancy Brown Carroll 

Not pictured: Alden Wood, Geri Denterlein, 

John Kenney, Margo Melnicove, Neil Rennie, 

Reginald Jackson (on academic leave), Charlie 

Ball, Lynda Belta, Mary Jean Crowe, 

Patricia Maurer 

"My first memory of 
Simmons is meeting Bob 
White and thinking: That 
is going to be one of my 
professors. " 
Jennifer Huggins, '95 


Daphne Kenyon, Barbara Swatelle, 
Don Basch, Jane Sjogren, Masato Aoki 

ot Pictured: Chairperson Carole Biewener, 
Rita Oriani 

Education & Human Services 

nie Ward, Chairperson Kathleen Dunn, Jennifer Burckett- 
cker, Paul Abraham, Elizabeth Fleming, Alice Van Deusen, 
ma Senatore, Jaque Davis, Helen Guttentag, Barbara Gibson, 
/nda Johnson 

at pictured: John Ameer, Allan Blume, Karen Cahill, Barbara 
uichon, nancy Clark, Carole Chaet, Vivien Cohen, William 
ivey, Ellen Davidson, Abby Detweiler, Andrea Edson, Anne 
iwards. Christine Evans, Jerome Goldberg, Eileen Heltzel, 
iristine Jeffrey, Kate Johnson, Margaret Keiley, Susan Langer, 
;becca MacDonald, Martha Montero-Sieburth, Susan Moran. 
itricia Pakos, Donna Pappalardo, Susan Plati, Madalaine 
lliese, Joan Rector, Al Rocci, Nick Rubino, Kim Sammons. 
irbara Scotto, Ann Stern, Jay Sugarman, Jill Taylor. Christine 
erney, Janet Wohlers 


Esther Iwanaga, Doug Perry, Richard Sterne, 

Richard Wolloman, Lowry Pei, Pam Bromberg. 

Chairperson David Gullette. Julia Dubnoff. 

Leslie Lawrence, Bill Manly, Kim Vaeth 

not pictured: Kathy Coen, Mary Joan Demaso. 
Sandra Dickerson, Ellen Draper, Johanna 
Knowles, Richard Sterne, Jill Teitelman 

Foreign Languages 
& Literatures 

Mar} - Anne Donaghey. Raylene Ramsay, Lola Pelaez, Betl 

Wellington, Louise Cohen, Susan Keane, Jenifer Burckett- 

Picker. Chairperson Raquel Pfaff. Charles Mackey, 

Martha Marks 

not pictured: Rita Cote, Debbie Fraioli. Zhigang Liu. 
Christine Patoux, Mary-Ann Stadtler-Chester, Maria-Paz 
Staulo, Mary Jane Treacy. Anna Wegel-Hajj 


Chairperson Richard Lyman, 

Laurie Crumpacher, Susan Porter, 

Marie McHugh, Mark Solomon 

Not Pictured: Keith Gorman, Susan Walton 

International Relations 

Warburg Professor T. Frank Crigler 
Fern Kurland 


Chairperson Bruce Warren, 

Michael Rouse, Susan Kasuba, Marlyn 

Gillis, Alan Robinson, Lynda Moore, 

Katherine Bevacqua, Caroline Considine, 

Lyla Collins 

lot pictured: Bonita Betters-Reed, June 
hooper, Neal Hartman, Ann McArdle, Vir- 
ginia Tangney, Adrian Van Dorpe 

Computer Science 
\ Physics 

Richard Cormier, David Browder, 

Margaret Menzin, Micheal Brown, 

Ethel Schuster, Chairperson Donna Beers, 

Robert Goldman 
iot pictured: Brian Bowlby, Velda Goldberg, 
iharon Nurse, Ahmed Serageldin, Ethel 
"aloumis, David Uhland, Fazal Wahid 

I Nursing 

Ann Kittler, Phyllis Moore, Judy Paris, 

Carol Sherwood, Mary Terrell, 

Joan Jacobson, Kelly Fisher, 

Chairperson Penelope Glynn, Lois 


iot pictured: John Aflague, Charlene Berube, 
mid Cunniff, Carolyn Dagrosa, Karen Hale, 
Caren Hetzel, Margaret Jernigan, Georgianna 
vlarks, Susan Savage, Amanda Thibert, 
>Jinetta Torra, Joy Wong 


Aques Huben (retired), 

Chairperson Marion Mason 

Margery Gann 

Not pictured: Joyce Audette Gonzales, 

Kristy Hendricks, Nancy Herbold, 

Janet Lacey, Deborah Moltmann, 

Terry Wicker Stroker 


Johanna Knowles, Sue Stafford, 

Chairperson Diane Raymond, 

Gautam Chatterjee 

not pictured: Mary Devereaux, Maria Leao 

Physical Education 

Ali Kantor, Ann McDermott, 
Anite Lorraine, Karen Maylor 

Not pictured: Director Sheila Brown 

Political Science H 

Chairperson Kirk Beattie, Cheryl Welch, 
Seong-Ho Lim 

Not pictured: Deborah Miner, Rita Oriani 



Linda Monahon, Benjamin Miller, 

Chairperson Peter Castle, 

Diane Coulopoulos, Diane Robbins, 

Donald Thomas, Barbara Gentile 

not pictured: Gregory Doyle, Ellen Wright 

Milton Shuch 

9 o y » o \ 

Prince Retail Program 

Joanne Dreher, Director Milton Shuch. Beth Gummere 
not pictured: Mary Davidson, Janis Fitzpatrick. Ethel Lipoff 


Chairperson Steve London, Elaine 
lagopian, Michael Williams, Marcia Hall 

Not pictured: Pat Rieker, Walter Carroll 

Women 's Studies 

Laurie Crupacker, Mary Jane Treacy 
Director Pam Bromberg, Marcia Hall 

"When 1 describe Simmons College to friends, 
[I say it's] a place where we are able to be 
ourselves. ..and lean: about women's issues 
that will affect us throughout the rest of our 
lives, " Wendy Hodgson, '96 


"The most entertaining instructor on cam- 
pus is Mary Jane Tracey. She is lively and 
fun in class. She presents everything in an 
interesting manner, " Maria Grigoriadis, 

" I wish our students were more commited 
to their free time, to use their time more 
productively" Phyllis Peddy, Dean's Of- 
fice, Undergraduate College 

From Around 
The World 

The staff of the Microcosm has been proud to bring 
you this memory of the community we were in 1993 
and 1994. To the Class of 1994, we wish the best of 
luck and look forward to hearing of your many 
successes. Your family and friends also wish you 
well, and express their pride through the following 
personal messages. The support of Simmons' ex- 
tended family helps make this yearbook possible; 
more importantly, they help make our individual 
success as students, leaders, artists, and athletes pos- 
sible. We welcome our families and friends into the 
world of Simmons College, and hope they have come 
to feel as much a part of it as we have. 

!5— *& - 


•-• •• 



: ■ 

■i ■**# j * 


. t 


i v. 



All our love and best wishes for the 


You have achieved all your dreams 
and we are very proud of you! 

With Love, 
Mom & Dad 


Loren Kirshenbaum 

We Love You! 

Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Evan and Elana 






To our precious daughter, Marisa — 

We are so proud of you and all that you have achieved. 
You are a treasure and a constant source of joy. j 

Thank you for being ours. j 

Love, Mom and Dad 


"Philosophy begins in wonder. And, at the end, 
when philosophic thought has done its best, 
the wonder remains." 
ALFRED NORTH WHITEHEAD, Process and Reality 


You have a passionate sense of wonder and 
have always asked "Why?". May that never 
change. We are so proud of you and your 
academic accomplishments, your remark- 
able capacity for growth, and especially 
your personal integrity. 


Mom, Dad, and Lissa 

You did it! 

—Classes— job— apartment— 

We 're very proud of you 
and we all love you lots. 


Mom and 


Dad and Ann 

Pete and Lisa 

You entered Simmons College with athletic 
challenge, wondering if the college schedule 
included gym and tanning. 

Juggling has been mastered with astute efficiency, 
combining commuting, studying, and the hard work 
of providing your own financial plan. 

You have written your own collegiate survivor's 
guidebook while maintaining admirable grade levels. 

You are an accomplished success. 


"Class of 1994" with loving pride. 

You're the best... 

With Love, 

Congratulations Muffy . . 



Pat, Denise, Bridget 
& Molly 

Dearest Terri 

Congratulations, Best Wishes for 
Success and Good Luck. 

With Much Love, 

Mom, Dad, Susan, 

Grandma Bosko and Grandma Fran 

Dear Maria 

For your Graduation Day 

We wish you good luck in your life, 
God be with you always. 


Mom & Dad Grigoriadis 


Laurel Ann Egan, 

May all your dreams of 
the future be realized. ! 

Love, Dad, Mom, Kristin, Kenny 







Well Done! 

Love Mom Dad 
m . m Daisy 


from the 




tear Courtney, 

'he pride I now feel is something I cannot put into words. Your 
laturity, sensitivity, inquiry and quest for excellence are all parts 
f the educated young woman you've become — You've learned 

o much, your horizons have expanded and this is only the 

eginning. My little girl is gone, but a lovely young woman has 
rrived to take her place. 
Love You, 


Ve are all proud of you — The Larsons, Keatings, Reids, 

Congratulations and Love 

Kelly Michele McNutt 

Mom and Larry 





3ood Job 

A Rising Star 

Well Done 

We're Proud of You ! 


^he doors of the crysalis are opening. Time to 
vread your wings and fly high. Be all you can be, 
eautiful butterfly. 


Mom and Dad 

Dear Heidi, 

We are so proud of you!! 
We wish you joy, happiness, 
and success in the future. 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Rob and Popcorn 


A great job 

With Love. 


Congratulations! You (we've) made it. We're 
very proud of all your accomplishments and 
wish you all the best as you go out and 
Conquer THE WORLD . 
Love You Lots ! Always be Happy ! 

Love You Forever 
Mom, Dad & Mike 

Way to Go "MY-OH-MY"! 

Congratulations, Jill on all your 

accomplishments during your lour years at 
Simmons. We have always been and always vs. i 1 J 

be proud of you as our daughter and as a woman 
who has accomplished and aspired to goals that 
were mere dreams for women of yesterda\ . 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, Adam & Robin 

The Senior Class 


the Division of Student Life: 

Congratulations and Good Luck 
We Will Miss You! 








•Public Warehousing - Consolidation/Distribution 

Pick and Pack 
•Common/Contract Motor Carrier 

48 State Operating Authority 

Container, LCL. LTL. Trailer Load 
•Office Records 

Storage and Retrieval 
•Container Freight Station/Container Yard 

Providence and Boston Terminals 


24 Commerce Street 
Pawtucket. RI 02802 

WHSE: 401-724-6970 
TRANS: 401-724-6260 
FAX: 401-725-3970 

Ken Kellaway 

235 Wood Road 
Braintree. MA 02 84 

TRANS: 617-380-8858 
FAX: 617-380-3505 

"Serving Your Total Distribution Needs' 

Jeannine and the Class of 1994 

The Class of 1994 

Zinah S. Abukhalil. Human Services 
President. Hispanas Unidss 

Nicole F. Adams, Graphic Design/Art 
Middlebury, CT 

Deanna Almeida, Mathematics/Economics 
President, Economics Liaison 
Vice President, Math Liaison 

Amy B. Anderson. International Business & 

Mansfield, MA 

Resident Advisor, Residence Life 
Intervaristy Christian Fellowship 

Lynn Hardy Andrews. Advertising 

Manchester, NH 

Crew Team 

Transfer Liaison 


Health Representative 

Dean's List 

Dagmar Andueza, Chemistry 

Waterbury. CT 

Chemistry Liaison 

Dix Scholar 

Dean's List 


Josephine P. Arambulo, Nursing 

Bedford, NH 


C.A.R.E. Workshop Facilitator 

Asian Student Association 

Nursing Liaison 

Jodi L. Alpert. Nursing 
Maiden, MA 
Transfer Liaison 
Nursing Liaison 

Suzanne Ella Arrick, Economics/Finance 

Newton, MA 



Economics Liaison 

Amy C. Austin, Psychology 

Boston, MA 

Treasurer. Psychology Liaison 

Bhavani Badhey, Marketing 

Syosset, NY 

Management Liaison 


Treasurer. Simmons Hall 

Etty B. Baker, Biology 
Brussels, Belgium 

Svetlana Basenkis. Physical Therapy 
Medford. MA 

Melinda G. Blash. Economics 
Woodstock. CT 

Holly S. Bliss, Psychology 

Wilton, CT 

active jogger and other outdoor activities 


3 year member, hometown lacrosse team 

Catherine H. Boehm, History and 

Elementary Education 
Wilton, CT 

Captain, Swim team (3 years) 
Swim team (4 years) 

Luanne G. Bonsey, Communications/Advertising 
Waltham, MA 

Alexis Boryczka, Human Services 
Northampton, MA 
Feminist Union 

Lisa J. Boudrieau. Physical Therapy 

Peterborough, NH 

Vice President, Simmons Community Outreach 

eghan T. Bradley. Retail Management 
Barrington, MA 
President, Prince Retail Liaison, 1990-1992 

Yurose Breneus, Nursing 
Cambridge, MA 

Leshia B. Brennan. Early Childhood & 

Elementary Education 
Colebrook, CT 

Rachel P. Brier. Education 
Providence. RI 

Elizabeth L. Buckley, Sociology 

N. Stonington, CT 

President, Simmons Community Outreach 

SCO Volunteer 

Kritima Bulsook, Economics and Finance 

Bangkok, Thailand 

Asian Student Association 

Dix Hall Council 

Dean's List 


Sonja E. Burgers, Economics/Mathematics 
Cape Town, South Africa 
Resident Adviser, Upward Bound (1992) 
President, Black Student Organization (1991-1992) 
Vice President, Black Student Organization (1990-1991 ) 
Resident Adviser, Morse Hall (1990-1991) 
Editor, BSO Yearbook Committee (1990-1991) 
Greater Boston InterUniversity Council ( 1 989- 1 992) 
International Student Association 1989- 1991) 
Student Govermnment Association 1 989- 1 990) 
Ambassador and Tourguide(1989) 
Orientation Committee(1989) 

Elizabeth E. Busiek-Nash, Nursing 
Arlington, MA 


Massachusetts Nurses Association 

Carolyn E. Chamberlain. Physical Therap\ 

Yoonkyung Choi. Biology 

Topsham, ME 

Asian Student Association 

International Student Association 

Hall Council 

Commuter Student Association 

Semester Abroad (Seoul, Korea) 


Biology & Chemistry Tutor 

Pre-Med Liaison 

Janel E. Clague, Human Service 

Rye, NY 

Linda M. Clapp, Education & Art 
Bedford, MA 

Jessica A. By ram, Physical Therapy 
Middlebury, CT 

Varsity Field Hockey Team (3 years) 
Captain, Field Hockey (senior year) 

Wendy Diane Calhoon, French/Communication 
Dunmore, PA 

Katie C. Calhoun, Biology 

Schenectady, NY 
Feminist Union 
Biology Liaison 

Elisabeth A. Carroll, Art History 
Killingworth, CT 

Kelley A. Caswell. Biology 

Brockton, MA 
Biology Liaison 
Biology Tutor 

Heather H. Harrison-Catledge, Nutirition 

Boston, MA 

Dix Scholar 

Black Student Organization 


Nutrition Liaison 

Asian Student Association 

Pamela E. Chamorro, Early Childhood Education/ 



May W. Chan, Graphic Design and Advertising 
Hong Kong 

SuFan J. Chen. Nursing 

San Leandro, CA 

Yan (Tina) Hong Chen, Accounting/Management 
Quincy, MA 

Allison A. Cobb, Communications/Philosoph> 
George's Mills, NH 

Amy E, Coe, Nursing 

Holden, MA 

Sports Activities: lap swimming, tennis, race walking 

Nursing Liaison 


Kristan M. Cogan, Physical Therapy 
Boulder. CO 

Jodie R. Cohen. Psychology and Human Sen ices 

West Newton, MA 

Secretary, Hillel (1991-1992) 

Regional Representative, Hillel (1992-1994) 

Kathryn Comstock, Early Childhood Education 
Andover, MA 
Drama Club 

Susan M. Corcoran. English 
Camden. ME 

Poetry/Prose Editor, Sidelines 
English Liaison 

Kimberly N. Craighead, French 

South Orange, NJ 

Peer Tutor 

Foreign Language Liaison 


Management Liaison 

Erin Daley. English & Art His ton 

Rhinebeck. NY 

President, Art & Music Liaison 


English Liaison 

Monica E. Davis. Public Relations 
Bristol, RI 

Co-Vice President of Publicity. Wl.C.l. 
Contributing Photographer* Micavosm 


Helen-Chapin DeCiantis. Education/Political Science 

Mystic, CT 

Sailing Team 

Simmons Community Outreach 

Boston Partners in Education 

Hall Council 

Orientation Committee 

Prospective Student Hostess 

Education Liaison 

Political Science Liaison 

Ana M. de Melo. Education/Spanish 
Fairhaven, MA 
Simmons Chorale 
Education Liaison 
Foreign Language Liaison 

Staci B. Desatnick, Early Childhood Education 

& Art History 
Holliston, MA 
Treasurer. Hillel (sophomore & junior years) 

Martine Desnoyer. Biology 
Boston. MA 

Vice President. Senior Class 
Committer Student Representative. SGA 

Jacqueline M. Disario. Nursing 
Brookline. MA 

Maria Noel Dixon, Communications 
Lowell, MA 

Secretary and Activities Planner, Arnold Hall 
Simmons Chorale 

Natali Djody. Finance 
Boston, MA 

Kristen J. Doherty, International Management/Spanish 
North Andover, MA 
Transfer Liaison 

Laura Donaldson. Elementary 7 Education/Sociology 
West Linn, OR 

Amy L. Dorsey, Nursing 
Bangor. ME 
Nursing Liaison 

Chairperson. Pinning Committee 
Simmons Ambassador 


Maura Kristen Downes. Prince School of 

Retail Management 

rookline. MA 

Gretchen Elizabeth Eastler, Physical Therapy 

Farmington, ME 

Cross-Country team (4 years) 

Track Team (4 years) 

Ambassador (2 years) 

Freshman Advisor (2 years) 

Laurel A. Egan, English/Communications 
Marshfield Mills. MA 

Pamela G. Elias, Nursiong 
Brookline, MA 

K. Megan Ernsberger, Retail Management 
Wawa. PA 

Jennifer Erskine, Arts Administration 
Rumford. RI 

Hall Council 

Art & Music Liaison 

President. Simmons Chorale 

Jamie L. Evangelho. Psychology 

Fairhaven, MA 
Secretaiy. Psychology Liaison 
Mother/Daughter Weekend Committee 
Father/Daughter Weekend Committee 
Senior Week Committee 

Lara J. Finks. Sociology 
Marblehead, MA 
Representative, Judicial Board 
Volunteer. DSS Foster Care Review 

Virginia A. Frazier. Sociology 
Lenoir. NC 

Kathryn G. Fuller, Philosophy 
Greenwich, CT 

Sahoko Fuse, Communications 
Nara, Japan 

Sarah E. Gillespie. Nursing 
Durham. NH 

Varsity Swimming & Diving Team 
Nursing Liaison 

Elizabeth W. Gladding. Communications & French 
Newport, RI 

Erin Goggins, Elementary Education 
Northampton. MA 
Student Finance Board 
Education Liaison 

Tracy A. Goguen, Nursing 
Arlington, MA 

Stacee L. Goldstein. Accounting 
Secretary, Management Liaison 
Masachusetts Society of CPA's 
Commuter Student Organization 

Amy Kathleen Gray. Communications 
Herts. England 



aura E. Gray, Communications & Public Relations 
Cranston, RI 

Staff Writer, Simmons News 


Peer Tutor 

Secretary, Communications Liaison 

Public Relations Representative, Microcosm 

Junior Professional Mentor Program 

Emerging Leadership Program 

Who's Who Among American 

College & University Students 

Sabrina J. Greenberg, French 

Troy, NY 

Foreign Language Liaison 


Mother/Daughter Weekend Committee 

Maria Grigoriadis, Biology 

Dennis, MA 

President, Feminist Union 

Julie M. Grossman, Biology 

Galesburg, IL 

President, Biology Liaison 

Sailing Team 

Dean's List, 1990-1994 

April L. Guillet, Physical Therapy 
Southbridge, MA 

Father/Daughter Weekend Committee 
Mother/Daughter Weekend Committee 

Paola A. Handal, English 
Port-au-Prince, Haiti 
International Student Association 
Chairperson, Senior/Faculty Banquet • 

Jeni M. Hatfield, Retail Management 
Social Chair, Hall Council 

Jennifer A. Hazard, Psychology 
Bellingham, MA 

Jessica E. Hickey, Graphic Design 

Lynn, MA 

Art Director, Simmons News 

Lynn A. Higgins, Political Science/Psychology 

Newton Centre, MA 


Orientation Committee 

Caroline L. Hill, Physical Therapy/Management 
Glastonbury. CT 

Treasurer, Quadside Committee (1992-1993) 
Treasurer, Morse Hall (1992-1993) 
Treasurer, Class of 1994 (1992-1993) 

Trime M. Hindklev. f ommunications 
Brownfield, MA 
Crew (3 years) 

Renee E. Holden, Education/English 
Boston, MA 

Connie Y. Hu. Graphic Design & Art Administration 

Dallas, Texas 

Asian Student Association 

Treasurer, Art & Music Liaison 

Treasurer, Women in Communications. Inc. 

Gretchen Dorothy Hughes. Elementary Education/Sociology 

Chatham, NJ ^^^ 

Vice President, Sophomore Class 

Archivist, Sirens 

Director, Sirens 

Big Sister/Little Sister Committee 

Sache S. Hunter. Computer Science 
College Park, GA 
Black Student Organization 
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 

Andrea P. Izsak, Severe Special Needs 
Longmeadow, MA 
President, Senior Class 
Hall Council 

Jennifer M. Jackson, Physical Therapy 
Holbrook, MA 
Model United Nations 
Residence Representative, SGA 
Secretary, Social Activities Review Board 
President, South Hall (1992-1993) 
Social Chair, South Hall (1991-1992) 

Sooeuin Jang. Economics/ Accounting 
Watertown. MA 

Cerise Jones. Human Services 
Brookline, MA 

Cherian Joseph, Nursing 

Boston, MA 

Nursing Liaison 

Dorothea Dix Scholar program 

Abby S. Reiser, Severe Special Needs 
Wilbraham. MA 


Jeannine Grace Kellawaj . Sociology Human Sen ice JS 
Norwell, MA 

Teri A. Kelly, Severe Special Needs & Mathematics 

Barre, VT 

Treasurer <X- Elderly S: Women's Issues Coordinator, Simmons 

Community Outreach 
Math Liaison 

Melissa M. Kennedy. Nursing 
Braintree. MA 

Cindy M. Kerns, Psychology/PreMed 

Braintree. MA 

Vice President. Arnold Hall (1993-1994) 

Psychology Liaison 

PreMed Liaison 

Stephanie A. Kezer. Political Science & Sociology 

Brewster. MA 

Mother/Daughter Weekend Committee 

Co-Chair, Senior Class Gift 

Political Science Liaison 

Sociology Liaison 

Jennifer A. Kilgore. Retailing & Accounting 

Battle Creek, MI 

Secretary, Prince Retail Management Liaison 

(1990-1991; 1991-1992) 
Treasurer, Prince Retail Management Liaison 

Emerging Leaders Program (1990) 
Smith Hall Council (1990-1991) 
Simmons Mentor Program (1992-1993) 
Ambassador (1992-1993) 

Eileen Kim. Economics/Fine Arts 

Suzanne M. King, Nutrition 
President, Nutrition Liaison 

Kellie A. Kirker, Physical Therapy 
Fall River. MA 

Security Representative, Hall Council 
Health Center Representative, Hall Council 

Loren A. Kirshenbaum. Nursing/Sociology 
Cranston, RI 


Marisa J. Kramer, Early Childhood Education 

& Studio Art 
Wellesley. MA 
Vice President, SGA 
President. Junior Class 
Simmons Ambassador 
Social Chair, Smith Hall Council 
Education Liaison 


Raleigh B. Kukes. Sociology 
Bellingham, WA 
PreMed Liaison 

Merewyn L. Lamb. Sociology 

Karen E. Lawrence. Communications 
Wakefield, MA 

Elizabeth A. Leahy. Math 

Andover, MA 

Patricia LeBel, Graphic Design 
Beverly, MA 

Nicole A. Lee, Retail Management 
Eastham, MA 

Suzanna S. Lee, Physical Therapy & Philosophy 
Indianapolis, IN 

Stacy J. Lerea, Management 
Woodmere, NY 

Shay L. Lang, Nutrition 

Lexington, MA 

Asian Student Association 

Orientation Committee 

Nutrition Liaison 


C.B. Loeb, Philosophy 
Poway, CA 

Courtney L. Larson, Nutrition 

Stoneham, MA 

Student Government Association 

Vice President, Junior Class 

Chairperson, Mother/Daughter Weekend Committee 

Treasurer, Simmons Chorale 


Committee Head. Orientation 

Honor Board 

Jonatha C. Lopez, Nursing 
Bedford, NH 
Nursing Liaison 
Peer Educator 

Antonia K. Luff. English 
North Hampton, NH 
Social Chair, Sailing Team 

Michele Julia Malchinsky, Art 

Midland, MI 

At & Music Liaison 

Kendra E. Mar, Communications 

Wilimington, MA 

Asian Student Association 


Laura A. Marcotte, Physical Therapy 

Resident Adviser 


Hall Council 

Joanne M. Markow, Communications & Art History 

Stoughton, MA 

Editor in Chief, Simmons News 

President, Women in Communications, Inc. 

Lorena Patricia Martinez, English/Spanish 
Cambridge, MA 

Lisa M. Matukaitis, Women's Studies 

Elysburg, PA ■ 

Vivian Ann Matuszewski, Accounting 
Goshen., NY 

Stephanie A. McAllister, Elementary Education 

& Sociology 
Manchester, NH 

Kira S. McGurrin, Communications 
Cambridge. MA 

Rebecca Hope Mclntire, Graphic Design 

Chatham, MA 


Women in Communications, Inc. 

Kristine M. McLaughlin, Nursing 

Kelly M. McNutt, Psychology 
Rockville, MD 
Psychology Liaison 
Simmons Community Outreach 

Sarah S. McPhee, English/Education 

Belmont, MA 


Vice President, Transfer Student Liaison 

Student Alumnae Association 

Marisol Mon/.on, Economics/Spanish 

Lawrence, 'MA 

Motoko Morii, Finance 

Holly L. Murray. Phyical Therapy 
Weare, NH 

Kaori Nakamura, Art Administration 
Yokohama, Japan 

Kimberly Myra Nehring, Graphic Design 

Smithsburg, MD 


Quadside Committee 

Heather A. Nelson. Nutrition 
President, Nutrition Liaison (Spring 1993) 
Nutrition Liaison 
Orientation Committee (1992) 
Committee Head, Orientation (1993) 
Crew (Fall 1991) 

Bethany J. Newby, Psychology 
S. Dartmouth. MA 

Margaret R. Nichols, Management 

Portland, OR 

Volunteer, Simmons Community Outreach 

Anielia N. Nickerson, Physical Therapy 
Taunton, MA 

Rose Ngozi Odimegwu. Nursing 

Boston, MA 

Tami D. Meretsky. Chemistry/Pharmacy 
Halifax. Nova Scotia 

Christine L. Milani, Nursing 
West Roxbury. MA 
Mother/Daughter Weekend Committee 
Chairperson, Senior Week 

Sotiria Minasidis, English 
Hellenic Association 
International Student Association 
Senior Banquet 

Jill Eden Minsky, Math/Physics 

Peabody, MA 

President, SGA 

Student Affairs Officer, SGA 

South Hall Council 

Math Liaison 

Kristine M. O'Malley, Communications/Spanish 

Lynn. MA 

Vice President, Radio For Simmons (1992-1993) 

Consetter W. Pabon, Psychology 

Winchester, MA 

Black Student Organization 

Maggie Anne Delacruz Pierre. Psychology African 

American Studies 

Curran S. Pope. Psychology 

Bedford. NH 

Captain, Swim Team 

Psychology Liaison 

Social Chair. Simmons Hall Council 


Robin E. Mizner. Elementary Education & Spanish 

Marblehead, MA 

Education Liaison 

Mesick and Smith Hall Council 


Carol M. Porter, Finance 
Harwich. MA 

Harwich High School Parents' Group 
Harwich High School Council 

'Allison B. Ray, Human Services/ Sociology 
Belmont. MA i^Hi^ 

Caitlin F. Reid. Nursing 
Alston, MA 

Junior and Senior Represe 
ursing Liaison 


Gail E. Reitchel, Nutrition 

Jennifer Leigh, Biology/PreMed 
Montrose, MA 
President, Transfer Liaison 
Treasurer, PreMed Liaison 
Biology Liaison 

Kathy M. Rock, Marketing 

Cambridge, MA 
Black Student Organization 
Secretary, Senior Class 
Activities Programming Board 


Heather E. Ross, Sociology/Spanish 


Basketball Team 

Jody L. Rozecki, Human Services 
Hartland, VT 

Robin E. Ruta, Nursing 
Kensington, CT 
Nursing Liaison 
Outing Club 

Simmons Community Outreach 
ransfer Liaison 


Sammer A. Saleh, PreMed/African American Studies 

Treasurer, Senior Class 

Publicity Representative, PreMed Liaison 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority 

Black Student Organization 

Nancy Howes Sanchez, Spanish/Human Services 


Jennifer L. Sandoval, Women's Studies 
Antrim, NH 
Feminist Union 

Pachareepan Sattabanasuk, Finance 
Dusit, Thailand 
Jw Team 
sian Student Association 
Dean's List 


Heidi E. Schoen, Management/Marketing 
Simsbury, CT 
Resident Advisor 
Coxswain, Crew 

Dianne E. Schwarz, Finance 
Management Liaison 
Finance Tutor 
Commencement Ball Committee 

Mary Kate Sekerak, Retail Management 
Duxbury, MA 
Simmons Ambassador (1992-1993) 

Marci S. Shapiro, Communications 

Framingham, MA 

Jacqueline Shediac, Retail Management 

Gloucester, MA 

Heidi L. Siegal, Marketing/Finance 
West Hartford, CT 
Management Liaison 
Floor Representative, Hall Council 

Michal Silton, Elementary Education 

Albany, NY 

Kosher Kitchen 
Tutor „ » 

Ephlyn U. Simms, Nursing: 
Boston, MA / . 

Ellen Siscamanis, Early Childhood Education 

Boston, MA 

Mona Siwarungsan, Finance & Marketing 

angkok, Thailand 
Asian Student Association 
Dean's List 

Cynthia L. Spooner, Physical Therapy 
Boston, MA 

Joanne Elizabeth Stowell, Biology /Spanish 
Glastonbury, CT 
Resident Advisor 

Patricia A. Sullivan, Education/Political Science 

Fairhaven, MA 
Boston Partners in Education 
Simmons Community Outreacl 
Hall Council 
Winter Program 
Orientation Committee 
Publicity Corops 
Education Liaison 
Political Science Liaison 

Toshiko Suzuki, Finance/Management 

Elizabeth Sylvestre, Biochemistry 

Waltham, MA 

Dix Scholar 

Vice President, Chemistry Liaison 

Kristen L. Sylvia, Math & Economics 

Fairhaven, MA 

\President, Math Liaison 

[Vice President, Economics Liaison 

Father/Daughter Weekend Committee 

Jennifer R. Thomas, Elementary Education 
Boston. MA 

Karen A. Thomas, Accounting/Management 
Black Student Organization 
Vice President, Junior Class 

Jude M. Thompson, Psychology 

Maiden, MA 

Sonya Rose Thompson, Psychology 
Concord, NH 

Secretary. Simmons Community Outreach 
Vice President, Psychology Liaison 
Honors Academy 

Soukdara Thoummaraj, Business Manager 
Lowell, MA 

Sarah B. Titus, Human Services 
Wolfeboro, NH 
Resident Advisor 
Safer Sex Peer Educator 
Orientation Committee 

Tracy L. Warzycha, Physical Therapy 
Scckonk, MA 

Hall Advocate. Dix Hall Council 
Vice President, Dix Hall Council 
Secretary, Dix Hall Council 
Orientation Committee 


Tamzen C. Tortolani. Nursing 
Milton, MA 

Rebecca Trento, Communications 

Syracuse, NY 
Communications Liaison 

Amanda L. Traombley. Advertising 
Keene. NH 

Maria Vagianos History/ Art 
Melrose, MA 

Marya L. Vande, Education & Spanish 

Palmyra, NY 




Social Chair, Hall Council 


Amy Lynn Webber, Early Childhood Educatic 

Studio Art 
Portland, ME 

Leah Beth Weisman, Severe Special r> eds./Philc 

Hanover, MA 

sti M. Winer, Art/Business Manag' 
Red Bank, NJ L 
Captain, Varsity Sailing 
Student Athletic Association 
Museum Studies 

Harumi Yamada. Art History 
Tokyo, Japan 

Rebecca Harris Yturregui, Communication 

Winthrop, ME 

Vice President. Transfer Liaison 

Student Publicity Corps 

Transfer Orientation Committee 

Safer Sex Peer Educator 

In Response to Our Survey... 

2 students responded to the all-campus Best/Worst Sur\ 
Their answers must spewak for all o\~ us. 

Bartol Food: best=beef stroganofi & chicken patties 

worst=Monte Cristo Sandwich 
Course: best=Comm. Media 

worst= Journalism 
PE Class: best=Yoga worst=Jogging & Walking 
Comic Strip: best=Goose and Grimm & Dilbert 

worst=Zippy & Prince Valient 
Place to Eat: best=Papparazzi & Spasso 
worst=Bartol & Taco Bell 
Nightclub: best=Axis worst = Middle East 
Fraternity: best=Bleh. NOT. worst="All Are Evil" 
Movie: best=Short Cuts & Orlando 

worst = Indecent Proposal & Intersection 
Actor: best Julian Sands & Al Pacino 

worst-=Johnny Depp & Richard Gere 
Actress:best=Emma Thompson (Robin adds Jodie, of com » 

worst=\Vinona Ryder 
Music Group: best=Meat Beat Manifesto & REM 

Song: best=D Ya Think I'm Sew & No Rain 

worst=] Would Do Anything for Love... 
& Whoop! There it Is 
TV Show: best=Seinfeld & Northern Exposure 

worst=Blossom & Beverh Hills 90210 

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The Microcosm Staff also acknowledges the emotional 
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Tom Keeley and Linda Nolf 

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X^~~ '■ 

%\ . 

„-% --X-jf 

"\ > 



u-^fc % 

Out in the World 

After nearly 100 inches of snow and a 
lost count of school and class closings, 
Spring arrived in 1994 and was warmly 
received. For the communities of 
Simmons College, springtime is a sea- 
son of mixed emotions: anticipation and 
anxiety, relief and regret, pride and 
panic, freedom and fear. We bid fare- 
well to the Class of 1994 and congratu- 
lated the rising senior class as they 
were appointed and elected to leader- 
ship positions. We welcomed home our 
students abroad, on exchange, or in- 
ternships, and prepared for others to be 
absent in the fall. Athletes completed 
their competitive seasons, student ac- 
complishments were celebrated, the 
campus' favorite social and educational 
events were as successful as ever, and 
of course... there was Senior Week. The 
following pages help capture those last 
days before we went out into the world. 

Valentine's Day 


Guests at the Park Plaza found plenty of entertainment 

/ \ 

Activities Programming Board's 

13th annual Valentine's Ball saw 
an unprecedented number of 
single attendants. Student were 
encouraged to come with groups 
of friends, friends from other 
college's, and (of course) valen- 
tines. DJs At Large provided 
music until lam to a crowd of 

Arnold HalTs 

Pub Night 

Students from neighboring schools and the L.I.F.E. 
program came to party with the women of Simmons! 


Arnold Hall, co-sponsoring with 
Smith Hall and the L.I.F.E. pro- 
gram, threw their annual spring 
party this year on Saturday, March 
18, 1994 in Alumnae Hall. 
Entitled "Pub Night," the gathering 
combined a DJ, live-band, and 50 
cent drafts with some leftover St. 
Patrick's Day spirit into Arnold's 
most successful party in over two 
jyears. ^ 

'You may only get one beer at a 


Above: Faculty and students join to hear the story of 
Bread and Roses on March 22, sponsored by the 
Feminist Union, Women's Studies, History and English 
departments. Right: The Simmons Sirens perform at 
Bread and Roses as well as Women's Talent Night. 

Highlights of 
Women's Week 1994 

"Glass Ceilings and Walls," 
presented by Lynda Moore 

"Bread and Roses," presented 
by Laurie Crumpacker, Elaine 
Hagopian and Hannah Safran 
with music by the Sirens 

"Women's Health and Self 
Esteem," presented by Student 
Health Advisory Committee 

"What's Biology Got to Do 
With it?" presented by Ann 

"Amy Beach: A Celebration," 
presented by Gloria Raymond, 
Clayton Hoener, and Gregory 

"Women's Talent Night," pre- 
sented by Quadside Committee 

All-Campus Tea with 
Doshie Power and friends 



Hanna, Becki, Marie, and Allic come to watch the 
Women's Week talent show at Quadside Cafe. 


Field Hockey leaders 

Senior and Volleyball Captain Pam Chamorro recalls the 
great times she had on the team. 


Sports Director Sheila Brown 
congratulates athletes, coaches, 
and teams 

The Varsity Crew Team received miniature Simmons oars with coach, 
Ashley Patten 


The Department of Athletics and Physical Education closed 
its academic year with a Spring Sports banquet attended by 
athletes, coaches, and their supporters and families. Boosters 
who had volunteered for the "Adopt-a-Team" program con- 
tinued to cheer their athletes on as individual and team efforts 
were recognized. Both Laura Marcotte and Catherine Boehm 
were acknowledged as outstanding scholar/athletes, an honor 
typically bestowed on only one senior. 


President Dowdall congratulates award recipients 

Students' achievements in and 
out of the classroom are recog 
nixed at the Senior-faculty and 
Leadership Recognition ban- 
quets, respectively. Fift) 
awards were bestowed on mem- 
bers of the graduating class in 
honor of their dedication to their 
departments and college com- 
munity. SGA's Student Leader- 
ship awards were given to stu- 
dents nominated as outstanding 
members of their class in the 
areas of organizational leader- 
ship and membership. Faculty, 
administrators, and staff" are. in 
turn, saluted by students, who 
this year recognized Randi Lite 
as the outstanding organizational 
advisor of the year, and bid fare- 
well to retiring associate pro- 
fessor of nursing Lois Schoppee. 




"You have till 8 P.M. to bring as many of the items 
listed back as you can! Wear your togas for extra 
points!" Simmons Cup 1994 began with the scavenger 
hunt. The next morning, the DJ was on the quad, and 
people appeared from many Boston colleges to join in 
the day's events. Activities ranged from the 10-legged 
race to "spit in the cup." to finishing up with the clothes 
line, where people "bared" the cold weather just to get 
a chance at winning the cup. Smith Hall came in first 
place for the second year in a row. 


above: mayhem on the Quad as teams get 



k 111 

below left & right: Domino effect declares a winner in the Tug-of War 


Simmons celebrated "A Decade a Day " 
during this year's Spring Spree Weekend, 
which kicked off Friday evening with a 
Psychic Fair in salute to the 1960's. Sev- 
enties funk was performed live by The 
Gap Band Saturday afternoon on the Quad. 
The weekend ended on Sunday after The 
Totally Eighties Brunch and Trivia con- 
test broke down into a conga line that 
walked like an Egyptian around Bartol 

The College's longest-standing tradition was celebrated on a chilly 
Monday morning. Members of the Class of 1996 danced the May 
Pole to mark the coming of Spring and honor the graduating class. 
Simmons students have annually danced the Maypole since 1912, 
though the ceremony has been through many changes over the 
decades. May Day in the early 1900s involved freshwomen who 
decorated senior doors with may baskets while sophomores enter- 
tained them with traditional college songs. By the 1960's May Day 
had condensed into a Sophomore-Senior event, and students no 
longer crowned the Senior Class president as "Queen of the May." 
Tree planting and gift giving had replaced the coronation, but the 
maypole dance and strawberry shortcake breakfast remained un- 

V 4 

Senior Week 

'lockwise from above: Terri Kelly and Krista 
oucy lean in; Senior Week planners celebrate 
;>ur long years; Joanne Markow reacts to soup 
2rved without spoons. 


This year's Senior Week planners 
worked hard to provide an afford- 
able week of activities for gradu- 
ating seniors and their guests. The 
trip to Medieval Manor was a re- 
spond to public demand, and the 
Commencement Ball is of course 
an annual event in the Simmons 
calendar. Other events included a 
night at the Golf Club and other 
local nightspots. Commencement 
Ball was slow in getting started, 
as participants awaited the arrival 
of the disc jockey, but Seniors 
amused themselves in the recep- 
tion area. A scrapbook of Com- 
mencement Ball memories is col- 
lected on the opposite page. 











1994 Microcosm 

Dedication Ceremony 

From top to bottom: 
Dr. Karen Talentino 
remembers Richard 
Nickerson, as members of 
the Biology department 
look on; photo rummage 
at the dedication cer- 
emony; Assistant Direc- 
tor of Student Activities 
Robin Sitten with Edito- 
rial Board members Jen- 
nifer Piel (Photography 
Editor), Amy Isabelle 
(Layout Editor) and 
Christine Collins (Busi- 
ness manager) 

to fcU 

One hour before the 1995 yearbook 
was to be presented to the College 
community, and dedicated to the 
memory of Dr. Richard Nickerson, 
the shipment of books had not yet 
arrived from State College, PA. Late 
completion of pages (and a national 
truckers strike) had delayed deliv- 
ery, but at the last moment they did 
arrive and were proudly presented to 
assembled students, administrators, 
and faculty. 


This supplement section was prepared with the 
help of the following: 

Jennifer Piel, Jessica Rawson, College Ar- 
chives, Student Activities, Athletics and 
Physical Education 

* fM J" 


W* 'W* ♦